SeeClickFix, 311 Service For Local Governments, Releases New iOS App

Leading service logs four millionth citizen issue as it celebrates 10-year anniversary

NEW HAVEN, Conn.--()--SeeClickFix (SCF), a government technology leader in online request and work management today announced the launch of its redesigned and feature-loaded iOS app.

SCF, which also recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary and logged its four millionth citizen issue, equips citizens with the web and mobile tools they need to submit service requests, and gives local governments the systems they need to organize, track, and manage them. In addition to local governments, SCF also works with property managers, homeowner associations, universities, and public schools.

“Our new app gives users a variety of useful new features and tools, to enable them to easily connect with the right people in local government to help resolve issues,” commented Ben Berkowitz, Founder and CEO. “It makes 311 reporting even faster and easier, improving accuracy and efficiency with features such as embedded location info, and improved mapping and geolocating to help build stronger communities and more efficient governments.

The new SeeClickFix iOS 5.0 app (SCF iOS 5.0) offers these key features:

  • Snap a photo and report later. SCF iOS 5.0 leverages location data stored in your photos allowing you to start a report without having to be at the location or remember the address.
  • Discover and follow existing issues as you report new ones. In order to decrease multiple disparate threads on a single issue, faster for the citizen, less time responding for the official.
  • Hunt down existing issues faster in the map and list view. SCF iOS 5.0 surfaces the most recently reported issues where you are searching.
  • A better look and feel for our city. The new design of the SCF iOS 5.0 application puts additional city services and information front and center in a beautiful format.

    Download the new iOS app and report an issue today!

About SeeClickFix:

A worldwide leader in request management, SeeClickFix works with over 300 local governments and over 1,000,000 citizen users. Since 2010, over 3 million requests have been resolved on SeeClickFix - 830,000 of them in 2017 alone. For more information, visit


Ben Berkowitz, SeeClickFix CEO

Release Summary

SeeClickFix (SCF) today announced the launch of its redesigned and feature-loaded iOS app.



Ben Berkowitz, SeeClickFix CEO