SubscriberWise CEO Demands Contrition and Correction from Questex’s Executives Following FierceCable’s Civil Wrong

SubscriberWise CEO says FierceCable Editor Daniel Frankel disparages SubscriberWise while dehumanizing NCTC member operator customers by labeling them ‘deadbeats’ in a pathetic attempt to increase subscriptions

NEWTON, Mass.--()--SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, today publicly expressed its outrage following a harmful and commercially disparaging headline published by Questex’s FierceCable and editor Daniel Frankel.

The digital publication pursued a pejorative headline and then falsely associated the claim to SubscriberWise, a civil tort by all legal and reasonable standards under U.S. federal and state law, asserting that NCTC operator customers are ‘deadbeats’.

Read the headline and recognize the civil tort:

“Like a trick cigar, this disgraceful attempt by Fierce Editor Daniel Frankel to increase subscription sales has blown up in his face,” stated David Howe, SubscriberWise president and founder. “Make no mistake about it, Frankel should be ashamed and he should be immediately demoted from position as editor for pursuing sensationalism over professional journalism and fact finding. Frankel, with his ugly headline, had defined ‘fake news’ (

“I’m genuinely outraged. I’m also sincerely concerned by this journalistic catastrophe,” continued Howe. “What’s next for Frankel and FierceCable? How low will the editor stoop to disparage a company in a campaign to boost a headline and increase subscription revenue? Will Frankel eventually retreat to the lowest depths of disgust and assert a disparaging claim with ugly name calling for blacks, Jews, Mexicans, gays, rural, and others, if and when an organization cites facts and scientific conclusions he dislikes, disagrees, and worse, fails to validate or confirm in any way,” Howe asked?

“Frankly, I have no choice to remain concerned about this editor’s unprofessional tactics following this latest demonstration of disgust and journalistic incompetence.

“But it’s a reasonable conclusion, no doubt about it,” argued Howe. “Just re-visit the headline. Frankel, in his role as editor of FierceCable, has made the decision to refer to credit-challenged consumers as ‘deadbeats’.

That’s an outrage,” insisted Howe. “It’s a disgusting outrage to be more specific.

“Moreover, we should all be outraged because claiming individuals who are in a financial crisis and who are very often unable to meet obligations – as largely determined by federally regulated credit scores and empirically derived nationwide delinquency rates correlated to millions of consumer credit reports – in no way makes these consumers ‘deadbeats’.

“Yes, as a society, we must condemn in the strongest possible terms the use of harmful and pejorative language, even when those terms appear less offensive on first impression, but nevertheless remain wrong and hurtful.

“To be clear, Frankel has crossed a line and there must be a consequence. In other words, Frankel and Questex cannot have a pass to disparage a commercial organization that is citing empirically derived analysis – accurate and industry-specific inquiry spanning years ( -- while desperately seeking to increase sales by resorting to unethical and shameful tactics.

“Just imagine the public outcry if, for example, Frankel asserted in a story or headline that rural consumers were ‘trash’, Howe stated. “The public response would be extreme and immediate. It would be swift and decisive. As it should.

“The same reaction should follow when an outlet like Fierce labels people as ‘deadbeats’ in a greedy and shameful attempt to boost a headline.

“Of course, if Frankel had bothered to do any research before he shoot from the hip and disparaged SubscriberWise and NCTC member customers, he’d have learned, as one example among myriads and myriads, that the federal government uses similar data and analysis for FHA mortgage originations. And would Frankel assert the claim that the government is proclaiming consumers who have FICO 300 to 499 ‘deadbeats’ because the federal government denies 100 percent of mortgages for consumers in these high-risk scoring ranges (

“Indeed, I’m extremely disappointed with Frankel and FierceCable for this headline.

“For the record, regardless of Questex’s corporate decision to publicly amend for Frankel’s attempt at sales through sensationalism, the very real pursuit of civil damages - including punitive damages - is under careful consideration. On the other hand, I hope Questex will do the right thing and make a public statement of contrition and apology.

"Contrition and correction, they would go a long way as it relates to my decision to seek civil justice,” Howe concluded.

Consumers struggling with difficult financial situations should also focus careful attention on their credit. Everyone should understand that credit can be redeemed no matter the situation or life event. No one should agonize over their credit. There are always options.” – David Howe, SubscriberWise founder and FICO highest achiever.

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Questex's FierceCable with Editor Daniel Frankel liable for civil harm while labeling credit challenged customers 'deadbeats'.


David Howe, 888-596-1119 x137