IpVenture’s Next Generation Delivery Logistics: The Time Has Come

The Rise of Home Delivery and Drones

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--IpVenture’s delivery logistics technology covers the entire journey of a package, tracking its location every step of the way, and proactively changing the package’s environment based on monitored data. As home delivery becomes pervasive, with companies like Amazon entering FedEx’s turf while betting on drones to speed up delivery and Walmart’s vast expansion in same-day delivery, innovative logistics technology is crucial to developing a competitive edge.

IpVenture’s solution is more advanced than any other delivery monitoring system on the market. Our recently allowed patent application on shipment tracking uses wireless monitoring devices in packages to provide customers real-time shipping information about their packages.

IpVenture’s compact wireless monitoring device offers advanced location and environmental management for shipments. If a delivery enters a customer-specified zone, or if monitored conditions (temperature, humidity, force on the package, etc.) exceed preset thresholds, IpVenture’s technology can alert invested parties, enabling immediate action.

The monitoring device can automatically trigger changes based on monitored conditions. If the temperature climbs too high, the device can activate a cooling system. Should a drone carrying a fragile product fly too fast, the device can slow it down.

If the product is nonetheless damaged, prompt notifications mean recipients won’t need to wait until the package arrives before asking for a replacement. The technology can also streamline the process of helping customers file insurance claims for damaged items.

What’s more, IpVenture’s wireless monitoring device also prioritizes efficient use of power and network resources. The device can automatically reduce the frequency of network usage and position acquisition if it has not moved much or if its battery levels are low, extending the battery life and monitoring range of the device.

This combination of advanced features makes IpVenture’s technology an essential tool for companies aiming to reduce their reliance on established shipping enterprises or speed up delivery time via drones. Logistics has become increasingly important to many businesses, not just prominent ones like Amazon with its recent purchase of Ring, but startups also, like DoorDash, a food delivery app, with its $535 million recent investment from Softbank. Innovative and customer-centric logistics technology is the key to success.

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Angela Nijim