Senseforce Leverages SQL Database CrateDB to Provide Real-Time Insights to Machine Manufacturers

Database helps machine manufacturers plan preventative maintenance, identify upsell opportunities and improve product planning

SAN FRANCISCO--(), developers of CrateDB, a leading open source SQL database for real-time machine data and IoT applications, today announced that Senseforce has deployed CrateDB to provide real-time insights to help machine manufactures plan preventative maintenance, identify upsell opportunities and improve product planning.

Senseforce, launched in 2017, provides an IIoT software solution that helps machinery manufacturers harness the data generated by sensors built into the systems they produce. Collecting data from sensors, PLCs and other systems and ingesting and visualizing it in real time using CrateDB, gives users instant access through a unified dashboard. Senseforce customers include Künz, a market leader in container cranes in Europe and North America and Schelling, a manufacturer of industrial saws. In the next 18 months, Senseforce plans to connect 1,000 machines, expanding its customer base well beyond its existing base in DACH, throughout EMEA and into the U.S.

“Each machine generates gigabytes of data every day,” said Senseforce CTO, Johann Mühlgrabner. “That amount of data causes performance problems for databases like Cassandra, RavenDB, MongoDB and InfluxDB, but CrateDB is able to handle it in real time without any issues. It is the only database we have found that is purpose-built for IIoT, and it meets our and our customers’ needs extremely well.”

Senseforce is a fog computing system, including components that run on-device that collect, compress, standardize and encrypt machine sensor data before sending it to a Cloud-based IIoT data warehouse built on CrateDB. Dynamic schemas in CrateDB make it easy to store and query any type of machine data structure. This gives Senseforce the ability to expand its market to support any kind of machine or customer analytics.

CrateDB is an open source SQL database for real time machine data applications. It makes machine data applications that were previously only possible using NoSQL solutions available to mainstream SQL developers. Its unique capabilities are enabled by the following innovations:

  • Distributed SQL query engine for faster JOINs, aggregations, and ad-hoc queries
    Columnar field caches and a fully distributed query planner enable CrateDB to perform complex queries in real time and overcome many of the performance and flexibility limitations of first-generation distributed SQL databases.
  • SQL with integrated search for data and query versatility
    CrateDB is a unique combination of SQL and NoSQL technologies, which enables a wide range of analytics, including machine learning and predictive analytics, on time series, full text, JSON, geospatial, and other structured and unstructured data without having to use different database engines to do so.
  • Container architecture and automatic data sharding for simple scaling
    Database scalability is vital for handling variations in machine data volume, but this is normally difficult to do. CrateDB can run as a cluster of containers, which enables it to be scaled easily with Docker, Kubernetes, or Mesos container platforms. In addition, CrateDB automatically shards and redistributes data across the cluster as it changes size to optimize performance and high availability.

“We designed CrateDB to enable manufacturers to generate value from their machine data. With CrateDB, they can boost productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and increase revenue,” said CEO Christian Lutz. “We’re extremely pleased to have been selected by Senseforce, and look forward to working closely with it and its customers to address their most pressing data-driven needs.”

About is the developer of CrateDB, an open source distributed database offering the scalability and performance of NoSQL with the power and ease of standard SQL. Designed specifically to support IoT and machine data applications, Crate is optimized for containerized environments. is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Berlin, Germany and Dornbirn, Austria.


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Mindshare PR
Sarah Bennett, +1 650-946-2266