Dynamics Inc., Global Banks, Payments Networks and Telecommunications Carriers Enhance Wallet Card with Two-Way Communications

The Connected Wallet Card Receives More GLOMO Award Nominations Than Any Other Product Due to Technology’s Disruptive Potential

The award-winning Dynamics Inc. Wallet Card™, the world's first connected, secure payments card. (Graphic: Business Wire)

BARCELONA--()--(Mobile World Congress) Dynamics, Inc., today unveiled enhanced functionality for its award-winning, connected Wallet Card™ that allows two-way communications between banks and consumers using the card’s telecommunications connection. Previously, a Wallet Card consumer could only receive information from a bank. Today, Wallet Cards can be enabled to also receive information from a consumer.

The ability for consumers to send information to their bank at the push of a button is revolutionary for a payment card and provides exceptional consumer functionality and value. For the first time, an issuing bank can engage in immediate two-way communications with a consumer via their debit or credit card and receive an immediate response. Additionally, a consumer no longer has to call a call center or go to a website to respond to account servicing questions.

This creates new opportunities for communication and value. For example:

  • Purchase verification – If a financial institution suspects a fraudulent purchase using an existing card, the bank can ask a consumer to verify on their card that they made a particular purchase and the consumer can quickly respond.
  • Immediate credit limit increase – Rather than potentially declining a transaction, the bank can ask a consumer if they would like to increase the credit limit on their card if their credit limit is approached.
  • Add cards – If the bank believes a consumer may benefit from a new card offering, the bank can ask if they would like to download the new card immediately.
  • Instant purchase feedback – The bank can ask the cardholder if they liked their purchase at the store/restaurant where the purchase was made and provide this as value-added information to the retailers.
  • On demand coupons – If a consumer opts in, the bank can ask a consumer if they would like to download a coupon. This will drive consumer rewards and loyalty.
  • Card upgrades – The bank can ask a consumer if they would like to upgrade their card to one that has additional features or value.

“With Wallet Card winning Best of Innovation at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, we redefined the meaning of a digital wallet. With Wallet Card receiving the most nominations for Best of Innovation at Mobile World Congress, we redefined the meaning of a mobile device. And, we won these awards by only unveiling a small portion of Wallet Card’s true technology capability. We had promised that we would unveil new features with incredible strategic and financial value for both banks and consumers,” said Jeffrey Mullen, CEO of Dynamics Inc. “Today, we start to deliver on that promise by unveiling that the connected Wallet Card has the ability to wirelessly send consumer requests to a bank through the card’s telecommunications connection. For the first time, a bank can ask a customer a question on the card’s display and get an immediate response. With these new consumer insights, the bank can provide better and more informed services.”

The Wallet Card Consortium, which are the members of the industry that have announced public support for the product, are helping to make the card a reality. Currently, the Wallet Card Consortium includes Dynamics Inc., Mastercard, JCB, Sprint (a subsidiary of SoftBank), Emirates NBD (UAE), CIBC, IndusInd Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui, and other global payments networks.

The Wallet Card Consortium will showcase the connected Wallet Card at Booth 8.0E13 at Mobile World Congress. Watch the technology in action at www.dynamicsinc.com.

Awards and Accolades

The Dynamics Wallet Card was named to the 2018 Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) shortlist in three categories – more nominations than any other product – “Best Mobile Service for the Connected Life,” “Best Mobile Innovation for Commerce,” and “Best Mobile Innovation for Enterprise.” The GSMA’s Global Mobile Award nominations honor the latest and best mobile products, apps, devices, services, and initiatives to the industry and the world. The Awards are judged by a panel of 250 independent judges from across the world including leading industry and subject matter experts, analysts, journalists and academics and in some cases mobile operator representatives. Winners will be announced at the conference.

Earlier this year, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) recognized the Wallet Card and the Wallet Card Consortium members with four 2018 CES Innovation awards including the Best of Innovation Award for Security Technologies. It was an Innovation Award Honoree for Computers, Embedded Technologies, and Technologies for a Better World. This marked the first time in history a payments consortium, payments network, or bank was awarded the consumer electronics industry’s most prestigious award.

The Technology Behind Wallet Card

Dynamics’ Wallet Card is a full telecommunications platform in the same size and shape as a normal credit or debit card. The Wallet Card is the first IoT Card™ from Dynamics. With almost 200 internal components, the device incorporates a number of cutting-edge technologies including:

  • A cell phone chip and cell phone antenna so data can be transferred between Wallet Card and the bank anywhere in the world and at any time of the day.
  • A battery and organic recharging chip so that the card charges itself through normal operation. Wallet Card can last indefinitely without the need for the consumer to perform any physical action.
  • A card-programmable magnetic stripe, card-programmable EMV chip, and a card-programmable contactless chip. At any time a new card profile can be downloaded to the card so that when that card is selected, the card’s magnetic stripe, EMV, and contactless data is written to the associated components.
  • A 65,000 pixel display and user interface so that a cardholder can change between different cards and informational screens.

Register for a Wallet Card™

To be notified when a particular card will be made available to the public, consumers can register today for a Wallet Card™ at www.getwalletcard.com.

About Dynamics Inc.

Dynamics has three business units – an intelligent card, value-added processing, and phone payment technology business unit. The Company’s intelligent card division has introduced market defining card products such as the world’s first multiple account card (Canada), the world’s first password protected card (Asia), and the world’s first multiple co-brand card (USA). The Company’s value-added processing division provides real-time loyalty or purchase notification to millions of consumers and includes customers such as Tim Hortons and the Upper Deck Company. The Company also produces pay-by-phone technology that is used in cell phones. LG Electronics leverages Dynamics technology in LG Pay. Dynamics has raised over $110 million dollars in funding from investors including Mastercard, CIBC, Adams Capital Management, and Bain Capital Ventures. Dynamics operates multiple manufacturing facilities, physical card personalization, and remote data trusted service manager (TSM) facilities, with its Global Headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pa., APAC headquarters in Singapore, LATAM headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and EMEA headquarters in New York. More information on the company, its technology and applications can be found at www.dynamicsinc.com.

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MSL for Dynamics, Inc.
Mark McClennan or Jennifer Asaro


MSL for Dynamics, Inc.
Mark McClennan or Jennifer Asaro