Aingel Opens Public Beta Program for AI Driven Platform That Helps Startups Fundraise Faster

New AI Approach to Fundraising Helps Startups Navigate the VC Landscape

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Aingel, a provider of AI-driven analytics tools for venture capitalists and startups, today announced its public beta program for startups. Aingel offers an interactive dashboard and VC Match Report™ that uses artificial intelligence to help founders fundraise faster by matching them with investors who are most likely to add value and be interested in their idea and space. To sign up for this free service, visit

“VCs are putting more money in fewer startups, making fundraising very difficult for early-stage companies,” said Amr Shady, co-founder and CEO, Aingel. “The approach to fundraising must change. Too much time is wasted, and that time is better invested in product or sales development. To be more efficient, founders need data and structure in their fundraising process, and Aingel provides both. We help speed up the initial research into potential investors so founders can make the most of their time and close their funding rounds faster.”

The number of angel and seed deals declined to approximately 53% since the second quarter of 20151, making the fundraising environment more difficult for early stage startups. Aingel was founded by a team of data scientists at NYU Stern School of Business who believed in the power of AI as an effective and efficient evaluation tool for both early stage investors and startups. Aingel offers a data-driven solution to help startups become more successful in the early-stage fundraising process by providing an exhaustive analysis of VCs.

Using patent-pending technologies, Aingel analyzes and scores both startups and VCs for optimal matchmaking. Aingel scans the complete venture capital community and their portfolio companies to generate a contextual understanding of a startup’s ideal VC “matches.” Through an interactive dashboard and VC Matching Report, startups can review the list of VCs who are most likely to add value and be interested in their space.

“Fundraising can be daunting and quite challenging,” said Mark Russell, founder and CEO, Hypersciences. “Using Aingel was indispensable in helping us shortlist the funds that could be a good fit for our emerging industries of high speed tunnel boring and geothermal ‘anywhere’ energy drilling. Aingel performed an analysis painlessly, and I feel far more confident we are approaching the best investors for our company.”

Aingel plans to extend its services, in 2018, by providing alerts on new prospective VCs, identifying the ideal partners who founders should connect with, and facilitating introductions with investors to further help startups fundraise faster.

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1 Approximation from Pitchbook-NVCA Venture Monitor 3Q 2017 graphs

About Aingel

From its origin in New York City to its current home in Silicon Valley, Aingel is changing the startup investment ecosystem. Created by data scientists, Aingel’s patent-pending technology uses artificial intelligence to analyze characteristics of startups to help them fundraise faster, matching them with the best-suited venture capitalists and predicting potential success via the Aingel Score™ rating system. Aingel’s analytical reporting evaluates both startups and investors for optimal matchmaking, weighing more than one hundred criteria plus historical data to help everyone make better investment decisions. For more information, visit


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Release Summary

Aingel, a provider of AI-driven analytics tools for VCs and startups, today announced its public beta program to help startups fundraise faster.


Spiralgroup Public Relations + Marketing
Kim Pegnato, 781-620-0016