Marketplace® Investigative Report: How One Sentence Helped Set Off the Opioid Crisis

Marketplace uncovers how the maker of OxyContin seems to have relied more on focus groups than on scientific studies to create an aggressive and misleading marketing campaign that helped fuel the national opioid crisis

LOS ANGELES--()--Marketplace’s latest investigative report centers around a single sentence in the original label for Purdue Pharma’s drug OxyContin.

The report is an origin story of the opioid epidemic, told here and in a special episode of Marketplace’s podcast, The Uncertain Hour. The coverage highlights findings from more than eight months of investigative reporting, including the review of hundreds of documents, some of which have been under seal for more than a decade.

The coverage sheds light on the relationship between the Food and Drug Administration, the agency responsible for monitoring and approving prescription drugs, and Purdue Pharma from 1995 to 2001. At the center of the company’s original marketing, aimed at physicians during that time, was a single sentence in OxyContin’s original label:

“Delayed absorption as provided by OxyContin tablets, is believed to reduce the abuse liability of a drug.”

Purdue’s marketing campaign relied on that sentence, which suggested OxyContin was less likely to be abused than other prescription opioids, according to depositions from various sales reps and physicians pitched on the drug. But recently unsealed documents discovered by Marketplace’s reporting on the crisis provide further evidence that the claim was not backed up by clinical studies.

Marketplace’s story highlights new information behind the creation of the crucial sentence that helped set off the opioid crisis, how it wound up in an FDA-approved label, and why it took regulators six years to remove.

To read the full story, see excerpts from key documents and hear more, go to and download Marketplace’s The Uncertain Hour® podcast on Apple Podcasts here.

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for Marketplace
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