Accelerite ShareInsights 2.0 Unifies Stack for True End-to-End Self-Service Big Data Analytics

New platform requires no changes to Hadoop and leverages existing Spark deployments to enable rapid analysis and visualization of terabytes of data with ease

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Accelerite, a provider of infrastructure software for digital transformation, today announced ShareInsights 2.0, an end-to-end, self-service big data analytics platform. Unlike other solutions, ShareInsights unifies the big data analytics stack, enabling data preparation (ETL), OLAP, visualization and collaboration -- all via a single interface -- giving data analysts the ability to perform data preparation, analysis and visualization of millions of rows and terabytes of data in minutes. ShareInsights features Insight2Action, an automated process that drives specific actions from insights, making it a more valuable component of the data analytics lifecycle.

“The brass ring for big data analytics is being able to deliver insights from the data lake to business analysts,” said Tony Baer, principal analyst for big data research at Ovum. “Accelerite packages a solution that works around the integration complexity and moving targets of the big data stack to help analysts drive business productivity from their data lakes.”

ShareInsights runs natively atop any Hadoop cluster with no changes and leverages existing Spark instances, enabling even advanced applications such as machine learning and predictive analytics. It enables self-service data discovery, letting users connect to and combine the right data from the right source easily using simple drag-and-drop controls. Intelligent joins and automatic merges make connecting datasets from various sources effortless. Interactive visualization lets users explore terabytes of data on the fly using interactive dashboards or make insights available for other visualization tools such as Tableau™. It also enables seamless collaboration, letting users publish compelling interactive dashboards and share and reuse datasets, data flows and insights from multiple sources.


The target outcome for data analytics has traditionally been to generate insights which data analysts can share with others, such as business managers, so they can act on them. Today, that is done outside analytics tools. ShareInsights’ Insight2Action functionality allows enterprises to initiate custom actions ranging from sending a simple text or email to initiating full enterprise workflows using a simple API when certain conditions are met. The ability to automate integration of actions to insights removes the need for human intervention and accelerates response to business needs.

Additional features include:

  • Ability to leverage multiple data sources: Analyze data from virtually any data source in any format -- structured or unstructured, streaming or stored, CSV, ORC or available through APIs -- using a comprehensive library of built-in connectors.
  • Insight creation: Blend IT-curated data with any other data-source of choice to create powerful new insights. Integrate insights and data with external products through inbuilt APIs.
  • Data governance and security: Ensure data governance at each layer with complete visibility and tracking. Ensure data and analytics security through role-based access, authentication, versioning and audit trails. Use existing Hadoop infrastructure without any customization and eliminate data migration outside the cluster.
  • Easy machine learning deployment: Capitalize on machine learning through a vast library of self-learning algorithms using drag-and-drop controls. Pre-integrated machine learning algorithms make analysis of unstructured data painless.
  • Futureproof analytics: Ensure that the analytics work you do today remains relevant and usable as underlying platforms evolve.

Real-world use cases include:

  • Increasing customer engagement and campaign effectiveness for marketing teams
    ShareInsights helps a network equipment manufacturer enable marketing analysts and campaign managers to better understand their customers’ behavior, create finer target segments and run more effective campaigns.
  • Identifying optimal slots for airing television show promos and commercials
    Using ShareInsights, a large international cable TV company is able to analyze panel data, set-top box data, and smart TV data to understand audience behavior and activity in response to different content types, time and date of airing.
  • Identifying the medical suitability of a patient to undergo clinical trial procedures
    A public health institute uses ShareInsights to analyze patient data, prognosis data, disease history and treatment data to identify patients who fit the criteria to participate in a clinical trial.

“Business leaders in all disciplines need to be freed from the rigidity of current models for BI engagement,” said Mukund Deshpande, vice president of data analytics at Accelerite. “They need to be enabled, on their own terms and timelines, to extract value from the volumes of data available to them to drive strategic decisions and gain competitive advantage. Likewise, highly-trained and resource-intensive BI teams should be able to focus on more demanding projects. ShareInsights builds a bridge to optimization for both sides, eliminating complexity and maximizing efficiency of self-serve big data analytics, improving data-driven collaboration and letting managers turn questions into decisive actions.”

ShareInsights is available immediately. For pricing information, contact us here.

For more information, read the ShareInsights launch blog, or watch the video.

About Accelerite

Accelerite is a Silicon Valley based company delivering secure business-critical infrastructure software for Global 1000 enterprises. Accelerite’s product suite includes hybrid cloud infrastructure, endpoint security, big data analytics and the Internet of Things. To learn more, visit Accelerite.


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Mindshare PR
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