SHIRU CAFE, the Fashionable Cafe of Japan and India, Will Finally Be Launched in the US

A Cafe Offering Free Coffee to Brown University Students

SHIRU CAFE Brown University (Photo: Business Wire)

PROVIDENCE, R.I.--()--University students in Providence should prepare themselves for the arrival of a new cafe. Today, ENRISSION AMERICA Inc., a cafe company specializing in free coffee for university students, announced it will open its first US branch of “SHIRU CAFE” on the Brown campus on upcoming February 19th. ENRISSION AMERICA Inc. will soon launch SHIRU CAFEs on the campuses of Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, and Amherst College.

SHIRU CAFEs are cafes for university students. They are financed primarily through the sponsorship of companies that aim to improve student life. At SHIRU CAFEs, students, faculty and staff receive free coffee, tea, and juice as they are provided with sponsors’ promotional materials. The cafes will provide comfortable study spaces equipped with electrical outlets and free Wi-Fi. SHIRU CAFEs seek to create spaces where students can learn about the professional world and envision their future careers.

Companies are able to support students by sponsoring SHIRU CAFE. Sponsorship allows companies to advertise on paper coffee cups, on digital displays set up in the cafe, and on the cafe’s website. Company representatives can also meet and interact with students in person at these cafes, as well as conduct recruiting activities in them. ENRISSION AMERICA Inc. has opened more than 20 SHIRU CAFEs around the world. In the words of ENRISSION’s CEO Yusuke Kakimoto, “Launching SHIRU CAFEs in the U.S. is an essential part of our vision. We’re excited about this new challenge!”

About ENRISSION AMERICA Inc.: ENRISSION AMERICA Inc. is a cafe company based in Kyoto, Japan. Founded in 2013, ENRISSION has planned and managed SHIRU CAFEs all over the world. It is firmly established in India and Japan, where its cafes are supported by 130 companies, including Microsoft JP and PwC JP. “ENRISSION” is a portmanteau combining “ENRICH” and “IMPRESSION.”


CEO: Yusuke Kakimoto
Founded: 10th October, 2013
Employees: 400
Business: SHIRU CAFE Planning and Management

165 Angell Street, Providence, RI. 02906. USA
SAKURA BLD. Imadegawa Ⅱ-2-E, Imadegawa-cho 313, Imadegawa-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 602-0033, Japan
F-143, Richmond Park, DLF Phase-4, Haryana-122002, India


Alex Inoue


Alex Inoue