Avira SafeThings™ Reimagines Home Security in the IoT World: A House Without Extra Boxes

TETTNANG, Germany--()--Avira announces the availability of its SafeThings™, a totally new approach for the security of the IoT industry. Avira SafeThings™ is a router app and behavioral threat intelligence platform that protects the connected home without additional infrastructure, nor added complexity for the users. This innovative gateway software solution identifies and stops IoT threats, while opening new business and service opportunities for ISPs and router manufacturers.

The perfect IoT storm is here

The smart home has become a reality and the fast speed of IoT revolution has brewed a perfect storm of vulnerabilities: consumers risk having their IoT devices drafted into a botnet army, distributing malicious or intrusive malware, acting as spam relays, and losing control over their personal data. As DDoS attacks are traced back to the source, they present a challenge to the service providers network, overwhelming their infrastructure and threatening the integrity of Internet services.

The solution is here with SafeThings™

Avira SafeThings™ is a completely new approach to securing the home, requiring no new infrastructure on the domestic network and no configuration done by the user. SafeThings™ sits where the home meets the internet, within the home router, and works with cloud-based machine learning. It is a product that Avira licenses to router manufacturers and internet service providers, enabling them to protect the networks from misuse and to deliver value-added IoT security services directly to end users.

"At Avira, we have been at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence innovation for a decade, being the first vendor within the security industry to identify how to apply AI to our field and to do it. We have a wealth of experience in protecting both the privacy of end-users and the security of their traditional devices. Today we stand alone in the cybersecurity industry with the introduction of Avira SafeThings™, an innovative router app and behavioral threat intelligence platform that secures all IoT devices in the home. We've designed SafeThings™ to effectively solve the IoT vulnerabilities without being too invasive, expensive, or complicated for the end user – and we've done this in a way that provides additional benefits for the internet service providers and router manufacturers," stated Travis Witteveen, CEO of Avira.

Avira SafeThings™ has an invisible impact on router and network performance. In addition to shielding network infrastructure from attack, it enables DDoS attacks to be stopped at the point of origin while still permitting legitimate IoT traffic. SafeThings™' device fingerprinting and granular traffic filtering at the gateway give service providers a look at devices behind the firewall, but without performing invasive and time consuming deep packet inspections.

Welcome to the security platform

As a security platform, SafeThings™ incorporates modular elements dedicated to particular tasks. Installed on the router or accessed as cloud services, here are the key modules and their functions:

1. Applied AI and machine learning with SafeThings™ Protection Cloud - AI is used to build category and individual device profiles, create device management and rule definitions and automatically protect the security device functionality. By analyzing metadata on gateway traffic, no invasive deep packet inspections are needed. This dynamic analysis enables SafeThings™ to quickly identify and stop hijacked device activity without a static list of domain names.

2. Agent at the gateway with Avira SafeThings™ Sentinel - Sentinel is the software agent positioned at the gateway to each smart home. Embedded in the firmware on the CPE or router, Sentinel fingerprints IoT devices and collects packet header metadata for AI analysis. After communicating with the Avira Protection Cloud, Sentinel enforces protection and communication rules.

3. Transparent operation with the SafeThings™ User Interface – The UI is available as a web app and shows users in real time what each IoT device in their network is doing. It enables them to see and modify firewall policies and device rules.

4. Oversight with the SafeThings™ Data Forefront - This API enables service providers and OEMs to access and control SafeThings™ functionality. It can extend existing OEM or internet service provider apps' ability to visualize SafeThings™ operation and drill down into specific details and control rules and actions to be taken in case of compromised device.

5. Additional options with SafeThings™ Custom Plugins – These plugins allow SafeThings™ clients to offer their end users additional security apps in a branded "Secure Connected Home App Store." These integrated services such as VPN or Parental Control would operate at router level with management in the cloud.

Better security and profitability with Avira inside

Avira SafeThings™ is directed at internet service providers and router manufacturers - skipping the trend of selling consumers an additional IoT hardware box – while still providing the end-user with seamless security.

"We see SafeThings as a 'B2B2C' product, providing consumers with the security and privacy protection they need while delivering it to them via the internet service providers and router manufacturers. As an embedded software solution, SafeThings™ is imminently flexible according to each client's technical and marketing needs," said Witteveen. "Avira SafeThings™ is designed as an ecosystem, a place where we provide a customized solution that enables our partner integrators to deliver more value to their customers through the platform's security capabilities, by enabling product differentiation, and with its after-sales revenue opportunities."

Direct benefits for service providers and router manufacturers include protecting the integrity of the network infrastructure, quickly mitigating DDoS attacks propagated by IoT devices, cutting potential liabilities outside of the network from unsecured devices misusing access, and providing customers with a more secure product offering.

SafeThings™ can go to market under the Avira name or as a white label service. The extensible gateway platform equips internet service providers and OEMs to provide and monetize additional protection offerings. SafeThings™ enables OEMs to deliver IoT-security enabled routers to their service providers and enterprise clients, burnish their security reputation from the crowd of new market entrants, and opens new pre- and post-sale revenue streams by providing additional services to end clients.


Avira SafeThings™ is available to internet service providers and equipment manufacturers directly from Avira's OEM specialists beginning November 2017.

For more details, please visit: https://safethings.avira.com.

About Avira

Avira protects people in the connected world – enabling everyone to manage, secure, and improve their digital lives. The Avira umbrella covers a portfolio of security and performance applications for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. In addition, the reach of our protective technologies extends through OEM partnerships. Our security solutions consistently lead in independent tests for detection, performance, and usability. Avira is a family-owned company that employs 500 people. Its headquarters are near Lake Constance, in Tettnang, Germany, and the company has additional offices in Munich, Bucharest, Beijing, and Silicon Valley. A portion of Avira's sales support the Auerbach Foundation, which assists education, children, and families in need. For more information about Avira visit www.avira.com.


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Release Summary

Avira announced the availability of SafeThings™, a totally new approach for the security of the IoT industry. SafeThings™ protects the connected home.


Rocket Science, for Avira
Rich Mullikin, APR, +1 925-354-7444