Secure Thingz Offers Secure Manufacturing Solutions Aligned to PSA From Arm

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Arm TechCon – Secure Thingz, a domain expert in security, microcontrollers and embedded systems, announced its IoT security solutions are aligned with the just-announced Platform Security Architecture (PSA) from Arm. At Arm® TechCon this week, Secure Thingz is demonstrating its solutions for secure device foundation software, secure device production, secure application development and secure lifecycle management that are in line with PSA at the IAR Systems’ booth (412).

PSA is a common framework for building secure connected devices which Arm is contributing to the industry, providing a set of threat models and security analyses, hardware and software architectural specifications, all built on key security principles such as device identity, trusted boot, over-the-air update, and certificate-based authentication.

Secure Thingz makes security simpler to implement across devices and applications, ensuring security from inception, and enhancing management across the lifecycle of a device. To drive the “Supply Chain of Trust,” Secure Thingz delivers a high-security, cryptographic framework that ensures stakeholder alignment across silicon vendor, OEM, programming center, contract manufacturer, and end users.

“As billions of connected devices come online annually, security is imperative to protect against rapidly advancing threats, such as IP and data theft, hacking and counterfeiting,” said Haydn Povey, founder and CTO, Secure Thingz, and executive board member of the IoT Security Foundation. “Secure Thingz believes that the best approach is building in security from inception and developing a robust chain of trust across the entire product lifecycle. Platform Security Architecture will help the industry realize a more secure IoT, and we are pleased to be aligned to PSA while accelerating the drive to next-generation secure manufacturing.”

“Security is a shared responsibility and needs consideration across the entire value chain from device to cloud,” said Paul Williamson, vice president and general manager, IoT Device IP, Arm. “Trust and diversity are both critical to IoT growth. By providing a common framework for security through PSA and working with innovative IoT security providers, such as Secure Thingz, we are all investing in protecting the potential of our connected world.”

The Secure Thingz Secure Deploy™ architecture is an advanced, integrated framework to deliver a PSA-aligned Supply Chain of Trust. The solution enables the protection of critical IP from design to deployment, ensuring:

  • Secure programming/provisioning of the system with keys and certificates leveraging a PSA-aligned root of trust
  • Simplified management of an OEM’s critical IP across development and manufacturing
  • Seamless integration into tier-1 manufacturing and provisioning equipment
  • Robust root-of-trust frameworks for complex identification and ownership across the device lifecycle
  • Integrated key and certificate management to secure development, manufacturing and applications

By aligning the ecosystem and bringing the right mix of solutions for the supply chain with the right partners, Secure Thingz, like Arm, is enabling a host of new opportunities based on a more secure IoT.

To learn more about secure manufacturing or see Secure Thingz’ solutions, Secure Thingz will be participating in the following activities at TechCon:

Panel – Ensuring Your Supply Chain of Trust: Whose Problem is It?
Wednesday, October 25, 3:30 PM-4:20 PM, Ballroom G
Ed Sperling, Editor in Chief, Semiconductor Engineering
Haydn Povey, Founder and CTO, Secure Thingz
Marc Canel, Vice President of Security Systems and Technologies, Arm
Mark Schaeffer, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Security Solutions, Synergy IoT Platform Business Division, Renesas Electronics Inc.
Anders Holmberg, Director of Corporate Development, IAR Systems
Richard Hayton, CTO, Trustonic

Deploying a Secure Identity on an Armv8-M Processor
Thursday, October 26, 2:30 PM-3:20 PM, Ballroom E
Steve Pancoast, Vice President, Engineering, Secure Thingz
Anders Holmberg, Director of Corporate Development, IAR Systems

Secure the Connected World
Thursday, October 26, 3:30 PM-4:20 PM, Room MCB2
Haydn Povey, Founder and CTO, Secure Thingz

About Secure Thingz

Secure Thingz, Inc. is the domain expert in security, micro-controllers and embedded systems. The company is focused on delivering advanced security solutions into the emerging Industrial Internet of Things, critical infrastructure, automotive and other markets. The Secure Deploy™ architecture has been developed to solve the major security issues challenging the IoT. Our solution ensures a cost-efficient root of trust in low-cost microcontrollers to deliver a core set of critical services through the product lifecycle, alongside secure deployment, production and update infrastructure. For more information, visit


Secure Thingz
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Secure Thingz
Tiffany Sparks, +1 408-858-1892