Arivale Goes National, Launches Industry-First Genetic Wellness and Coaching Programs for Under $100

New DNA-based programs offer genetic insights, one-on-one coaching with licensed healthcare professionals and tailored action plans for weight loss and heart health in partnership with the Helix marketplace

SEATTLE--()--Arivale, a scientific wellness company, today launched Arivale Weight Loss and Arivale Heart Optimizer programs to address the nation’s most pressing health and wellness challenges. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) more than one-third (36.5%) of U.S. adults are obese and someone has a heart attack every 40 seconds in the United States.

Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer – some of the leading causes of preventable death.

Data + Coaching + Action = Results

Arivale is the first company to offer genetic insights and coaching with licensed professionals for under $100, empowering individuals nationwide with the knowledge and support to make sophisticated life-changing improvements in their health. Individuals can now try both Arivale Weight Loss and Arivale Heart Optimizer through the Helix marketplace available exclusively at at an introductory price for $49 and $99, respectively.

“Our nation’s healthcare system is broken. It’s more focused on treating symptoms than keeping us healthy. Our team – and a rapidly growing community of members – are not waiting for the government to fix things,” said Clayton Lewis, Arivale CEO and co-founder. “We’ve partnered with personal genomics company Helix to offer individuals DNA-based insights into heart health and weight loss. Most importantly, we help individuals understand this data and take the first steps to translate it into actionable recommendations through a consultation with a licensed health professional. This first-of-a-kind offering will empower people to take charge of their health and wellness.”

New Weight Loss and Heart Health Programs for under $100

Through the Helix marketplace, Arivale introduced two new programs: Arivale Weight Loss and Arivale Heart Optimizer (heart health). Accompanied by a coaching consultation with a Registered Dietitian and utilizing a dashboard that displays the results of hundreds of genetic variants, individuals will learn if they have variants that may impact their predisposition for:

  • Obesity
  • Weight gain around the waist
  • Weight gain with low activity
  • The impact certain diets (such as low carb or low fat) will have on weight gain
  • Good and bad cholesterol
  • Increased triglycerides
  • Salt and caffeine’s possible impact on blood pressure

“At Helix, we’re committed to empowering every person to live healthier and happier lives through DNA-powered insights,” said Justin Kao, co-founder and SVP, Helix. “We’re thrilled with the diversity of products currently available on the marketplace and the opportunity to work with Arivale, a wellness pioneer making critical, DNA-driven heart health and weight loss programs accessible to people nationwide.”

For additional information about Arivale’s Weight Loss and Heart Optimizer programs, please visit the Arivale website. Individuals can enroll by going to Arivale is not currently available in New York.

About Arivale

Arivale is a scientific wellness company empowering thousands of individuals to optimize their wellness and avoid disease. Arivale offers three programs: the Arivale Flagship program; Arivale Weight Loss; and Arivale Heart Optimizer. Arivale combines personalized data, coaching and actionability to drive positive results. Licensed healthcare professionals provide specific actionable recommendations based on data evaluated in context of insights gained from the individual’s unique genetics.

For the Arivale Flagship program, clinical lab data is reviewed by an independent external physician and analyzed by independent CLIA certified labs. Arivale is backed by investors with a strong track record in health, wellness, biotech breakthroughs and in building top-tier consumer brands.

To learn more, or to register for the program, visit and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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Arivale Goes National, Launches Industry-First Genetic Wellness and Coaching Programs for Under $100

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For Arivale
Amanda Hundt, 575-491-0974