Game Investment Platform & Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment Reports Strong Investor Returns

Good Shepherd celebrates anniversary of company's first crowd-financed game and investor success

AMSTERDAM--()--Good Shepherd Entertainment, formerly Gambitious, the market-leading investment platform and independent video game publisher, reports its portfolio is currently averaging 30 percent profit to date on all titles released to the market for at least one year. Since its inception, 100 percent of Good Shepherd projects have been completed and successfully released to market. The majority of these projects have been profitable within the first two years of release.

Good Shepherd is celebrating its three-year anniversary of releasing Train Fever, the first ever crowd-financed video game, which cemented the category as a viable investment opportunity for individuals. Train Fever, a transportation simulator game, is one of the company’s biggest success stories, becoming profitable within the first week of sales and earning investors more than 220 percent total return or a 120 percent profit to date with two years left on their investment term.

“We’ve proven that individual investment in video game releases can be successful,” said Paul Hanraets, director of corporate development at Good Shepherd Entertainment. “What we offer is completely unique. We carefully manage risk and capital to ensure that the games make it through the hurdles of development, and only sign titles which have the potential to achieve success in a highly evolving market.”

“We recently rebranded and our new name hints at our conscientious approach to managing investor capital. We work diligently to allow investors the opportunity to participate in a lucrative industry with an investment experience that is straightforward and fun,” said Brian Grigsby, CEO and CFO at Good Shepherd Entertainment. “We want everyone to feel confident in his/her investment, make money, and end a project eager to invest all over again. Good Shepherd is built on nurturing long term partnerships with both game developers and new game investors. For us to be successful, everyone has to win.”

The Approach:

Good Shepherd’s methodical, strategic approach to game publishing ensures a risk-mitigated investment opportunity with short-term return potential that prioritizes investor capital. The company guarantees full funding of every project with its own money, offering investors a portion of the revenue generated from specific titles over a five-year period. With its successful track record and approach, Good Shepherd aims to instill investors with confidence that all projects will get to market and become commercially viable.

Good Shepherd has updated and simplified its investor portal, an online platform to manage all investment transactions and documentation, and monitor performance. Investors can use the portal to learn about Good Shepherd’s video game projects, view financial projections, review investment terms, and choose the games in which they’d like to invest.

Good Shepherd investment opportunities are limited to those who qualify as accredited (US), sophisticated (UK) or otherwise eligible (EU/Can) investors in their country of legal residence. Projects currently available for investment include Outreach, Machiavillian, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, and the newly announced Phantom Doctrine, Good Shepherd’s most ambitious project to date. Accredited and otherwise qualified investors can request an invite to the investor portal here:

About Good Shepherd:

Good Shepherd Entertainment publishes video games from independent artists worldwide and operates a proprietary investment platform for a growing global network of qualified investors seeking risk-mitigated participation in the $130B video game industry. Originally established in the Netherlands in 2011 as a crowd-financed platform under the name Gambitious BV, the company became a publisher in 2014 with the release of Train Fever, which was the first game ever successfully published with crowd financing. The Company has since funded and released over a dozen original games across eight digital platforms. The founders of Devolver Digital and Croteam, two very successful companies in independent game development and publishing, invested in the company and joined its management in 2012. The company rebranded in 2017 as Good Shepherd Entertainment following an investment by Advance/Newhouse, having established a track record of success with both independent developers and investors.


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Release Summary

Good Shepherd Entertainment, the market-leading investment platform and independent video game publisher, reports strong investor returns.


Mann Cronin PR
Audrey Mann Cronin, 914-260-9651