CleverPet Neuroscientists Use Pet “Game Console” to Show Dogs Seeing Color and Solving Puzzles

CleverPet helps to demonstrate that dogs can see color with new “Color Match” puzzle game

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Dogs need games too. CleverPet’s game console for dogs shows they can see colors.

SAN DIEGO--()--CleverPet, an innovative leader in the pet technology industry, today announced Color Match as a new level of puzzles for their CleverPet Hub gaming system. While a majority of Americans believe that dogs can only see in shades of gray, a team of neuroscientists and animal cognition experts at CleverPet have leveraged a dog’s ability to see color to invent the world’s first color-based puzzle for man’s best friend.

CleverPet surveyed 300 adult Americans to better understand popular beliefs about color vision. While 64% of Americans understand that dogs are effectively colorblind when compared to humans, 57% believe that this means dogs can only see in shades of gray.

“Dogs – and cats too – definitely see the world in color,” said Dr. Daniel Knudsen, CleverPet Co-founder and Chief Science Officer. “When people say they’re ‘colorblind,’ they mean it in the same way that some humans are colorblind – millions of humans and probably all dogs have trouble distinguishing between red and green hues. While most humans have three types of color-sensing cells, or cones, in their retinas, dogs have only two, limiting their color perception to a blue-yellow spectrum.”

The CleverPet Hub’s latest challenge, Color Match, takes advantage of the fact that dogs can see yellow and blue colors and puts their intelligence to the test. The goal of Color Match is to match the colors on the device’s three lit touchpads. Dogs do this by pressing the touchpads and cycling through the colors until they’re all the same. Once the colors match, the Hub provides a treat to the dog as a reward for correctly solving the puzzle. Over time, Color Match gets more challenging as each dog gets better at solving the puzzle.

“There are dozens of ways to solve each challenge and it’s been a lot of fun to watch dogs as they discover and develop their own unique strategies,” said Leo Trottier, CEO and Co-founder of CleverPet. “One of the goals of Color Match is to let customers and the public see dogs exploring and problem solving. As a mission-based company grounded in science, we’re excited every time we have an opportunity to demonstrate that animals can do more than people previously thought.”

Color Match will be released to all customers today, but will only be available to dogs whose previous performance on the Hub indicates they are ready. “It’s is our most advanced challenge yet, one that’s designed for dogs and cats who are prepared for this next level of engagement. We can’t wait to see animals discovering this entirely new dimension of interaction,” added Leo.

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CleverPet neuroscientists release new game for "dog gaming console" that helps to demonstrate that dogs can see color.


Alex Oxford, 678-993-4547