Mezi Introduces Mezi for Business, Bringing the Most Advanced AI for Travel to the Corporate Travel Industry

AI-Powered Travel-as-a-Service Platform Brings Consumer Travel Technology to the Corporate Travel Industry, Helping Streamline Workflows and Delight Customers

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Artificial intelligence-powered personal travel assistant Mezi today announced its entry into the business services category with the launch of Mezi for Business for the corporate travel vertical. Mezi’s travel-as-a-service solution arms Travel Management Companies (TMCs), Corporates and Travel Agents with the most advanced AI for travel.

Founded in 2015 as an AI-powered consumer travel service, Mezi applied its customer-first innovation and mobile always approach to corporate travel to simplify the workflow for an industry that lacks a fast, easy and efficient way to service its customers. The Mezi for Business platform -- comprised of a Travel Dashboard for partners, and iOS/Android apps for travelers -- uses AI and machine learning to automate and perfect the travel booking and management process for the corporate travel industry.

“Cumbersome and fragmented software solutions are weighing down the corporate travel industry, where service delivery is overly complex and customer satisfaction is disappointingly low. It’s an industry ripe for disruption, and perfectly suited for the automation and personalization AI provides,” said Swapnil Shinde, Co-Founder and CEO, Mezi. “The Mezi for Business unifies the best of the old-school approach and new-age technologies, serving up the human experience of travel agents coupled with the speed, intelligence and efficiency powered by machine learning. We’re thrilled with the industry’s response to Mezi to-date, and excited to see its impact on corporate travel as we officially bring our product to the industry.”

Current Mezi for Business customers include American Express, celebrity concierge service Bluefish, TMCs Adelman Travel, Casto Travel and W Travel, who use Mezi to meet the needs of the corporate entities they serve, while delighting their end-customer; several other leading Fortune 500 corporations and airlines are also preparing to pilot the technology this year. With the introduction of AI automation to the human agent’s booking workflow, Mezi for Business provides significant opportunities for increased productivity and optimization, helping grow and scale their businesses more quickly and efficiently, while providing travelers with a new level of personalized service.

“Most software based solutions seek to solve a problem. Mezi, by contrast, aims much higher; it will completely revolutionize the travel industry. Theirs is the right product at the right time,” said Marc Casto, CEO and President, Casto Travel.

While Mezi for Business is a new offering for the corporate travel industry, the AI for travel service has already been used by more than 100,000 travelers and processed over 50 million words across 500,000 conversations, enabling Mezi’s natural language processing engine to recognize and process most travel related conversations. Each new conversation adds knowledge and intelligence to the overall AI engine capabilities, ensuring that Mezi for Business is always learning and gets smarter with every conversation.

The Mezi for Business solution includes:

  • AI-powered chatbots capable of automating more than 60 percent of the conversations initiated by travelers using Mezi for Business. With customized chatbots specifically designed for each travel vertical including flights, hotels, and restaurant reservations, Mezi’s AI owns the process of gathering availability, curating recommendations, and booking reservations with limited human intervention.
  • Travel Dashboard puts the power of AI-assistance in the hands of travel agents, allowing for faster response times to client requests through automation. The intuitively designed conversational interface of the Travel Dashboard simplifies the skills necessary to become a travel agent, dramatically decreasing agent training times from months to a matter of days.
  • Dynamic Traveler Profiles keep living profiles on each traveler which are automatically updated based on actual user behavior, allowing agents to offer a more personalized service with every conversation.
  • Proprietary Travel Genome technology runs a series of machine learning algorithms on hundreds of thousands of results from its travel service partners, segments them by the traveler’s preferences and selects three options that are highly personalized to the traveler.
  • Personal Travel Assistant App accessible 24/7 on iOS and Android gives business travelers a more convenient, immediate experience, with the mobility and text-message style interface that consumers have come to expect in their digital services and products.
  • Partnerships with Major Travel Services including Sabre, Expedia, Priceline, TripAdvisor and others provide instant access to thousands of flight and hotel options.
  • White Label Capabilities allows Mezi for Business partners to add a personal touch to the Mezi experience, deepening their relationships with and providing superior service to travelers.

Mezi for Business is a mobile always AI for travel service which works for all travelers, without the traditional divide between offline and online bookings. The AI for travel service supports all conversation channels based on customer preferences, providing the industry with truly scalable travel resources on demand designed to make all work-related travel feel like a first class experience.

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For travelers looking for the best way to get where they need to go, Mezi puts a personal travel assistant in your pocket that brings superior service and unparalleled delight to the travel industry. Mezi is building the most advanced AI for travel which powers the most comprehensive, simple to use booking platform available so all travel feels like a first class experience. Founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs Swapnil Shinde and Snehal Shinde, Mezi is now available as a business solution product for Travel Management Companies, Corporates and Travel Agents, as well as for consumers through iOS and Android apps, and via email or SMS. Learn more at


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