Harbor Health Systems Networks Receive Approvals for Telemedicine from California Department of Workers’ Compensation

New tools enable patients and payers to identify and select top performing physicians who offer telemedicine

IRVINE, Calif.--()--Harbor Health Systems, a One Call Care Management company, announced today that it is one of the first companies to receive approval from the California Department of Workers’ Compensation to offer telemedicine through its medical provider networks (MPNs).

“This approval is a positive step forward in improving access to high quality care for injured workers,” said Linda Lane, president of Harbor Health Systems. “We can now offer the capability to patients and to payers to search the Harborsys MPN provider directory and find high performing physicians who offer telemedicine, or to be directed to these physicians by our Medical Access Assistant staff. The telemedicine capability and the ability to find physicians who offer this service is especially important in rural areas, as well as to make care immediately accessible twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.”

Through the video teleconferencing capabilities enabled by Harbor’s telemedicine partners, injured workers gain immediate access to treatment, eliminating unnecessary costs and delays. For the employer, using telemedicine results in less downtime and reduces transportation costs. Injured employees who find it difficult to travel to the doctor’s office can now obtain qualified consultations from their home or worksite, keeping the treatment plan on track and moving forward. Improved patient engagement and access to expedited and efficient care reduces the risk of legal actions that drive up claim costs.

Harbor’s MPN networks cover approximately 2 million employees in the state of California and Harbor plans to roll out the new telemedicine product across its book of business. GENEX and Arissa Cost Strategies are two Harbor clients already reaping the rewards of the new offering.

“Telemedicine capabilities are important to our ability to provide superior management of care for workers’ compensation injuries,” noted Kathleen Torres, President of Arissa Cost Strategies. “With telemedicine, the injured employee receives immediate response, leading to immediate care, which expedites care and resolution for their injury.”

“Paired with case management, telemedicine allows for early intervention and a stronger interdisciplinary care approach,” said Ron Skrocki, senior vice president, product management and development at Genex Services. “This leads to better communication and adherence to the treatment plan, and improved patient compliance, which results in a safe and efficient return for the injured worker.”

For more information regarding telemedicine capabilities for workers’ compensation networks, please contact Linda Lane at llane@harborsys.com.

About Harbor Health Systems

Harbor Health Systems, a One Call Care Management company based in Newport Beach, Calif., leads a revolution in medical networks that allows customers to build and manage a medical system based on quality performance of providers rather than the “lowest bidder medicine” that is typical of PPOs and HMOs. Harbor Health builds and manages outcomes-based medical networks, and supplies the tools, software and services to help their customers build, implement and optimize custom networks. With Harbor Health Systems, companies can identify physicians and other medical professionals who have exceptional skills in clinical, patient care and business management. By working with these healthcare professionals, payers and self-insured employers can greatly reduce the cost of care, complications, and time away from work. For more information, visit www.harborhealthsystems.com.

About One Call Care Management

One Call Care Management (One Call) is the nation’s leading provider of specialized solutions to the workers’ compensation industry. One Call's solutions enable faster, more efficient and more cost-effective claims resolution. One Call provides reliable, consistent connections to care with expertise in high-end diagnostics, physical therapy and transportation services, post-discharge home care and durable medical equipment, dental and doctor specialty services, complex care management, and the language services required for today’s multicultural workforce. With a focus on injured workers’ needs across the continuum of care, One Call enables maximum medical improvement and superior outcomes. For more information, visit www.onecallcm.com.


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