Cytapex and FlowJo, LLC Collaborate to Provide Informatics Services for Flow Cytometry

Leaders in flow cytometry informatics collaborate to deliver comprehensive services complementing the leading software platform

BURNABY, British Columbia & ASHLAND, Ore.--()--FlowJo, LLC, a single-cell data informatics and data analysis company with 20 years of experience, announced a partnership with Cytapex Bioinformatics, Inc. to provide bioinformatics consulting and services in combination with the FlowJo® application. The agreement will leverage FlowJo’s expertise in empowering bench scientists to perform complex analyses quickly and easily and Cytapex’s expertise in bioinformatic pipelines and consulting. Under the partnership, the companies will offer consulting services in flow cytometry data analysis.

The services complement researchers’ work in flow cytometry and allows for custom pipeline development, including plugin “app” development for the FlowJo application.

The companies announced the partnership and presented the services as part of presentations given by Ryan Brinkman, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Cytapex and Melanie O'Donahue, MT, ASCP, CCy Clinical Application Scientist at FlowJo, LLC.

Together with FlowJo®, the leading single-cell flow cytometry analysis software, the partnership aims to put the most powerful bioinformatics approaches into the hands of anyone who needs them, in a manner that is familiar and friendly to use.

“Ryan is one of the leaders in bringing automation and algorithmic approaches to single-cell data analysis. The combination of FlowJo for interacting easily with data, preprocessing, and visualization, and Ryan’s expertise for problems that require bioinformatics approaches completes the toolbox needed to do unbounded research,” said John Quinn, Ph.D., Application Scientist with FlowJo, LLC.

Leveraging knowledge that scientists have built into their FlowJo analyses, Cytapex customizes bioinformatics pipelines to add high-throughput and high-dimensional tools that leverage algorithms developed by Dr. Brinkman’s group, which have consistently been peer-reviewed to be the state-of-the-art.

“I knew over 10 years ago when we started developing automated analysis tools for flow cytometry we were never going to come close to being able to deliver the ease of use that users gain from FlowJo. While we have made significant advances in quality checking, automated gating and biomarker discovery algorithms since then, FlowJo has also continued to improve upon data interactivity, and remains the leader in this area today. Partnering with FlowJo allows us to get our tools into end users’ hands in a way that they are accustomed to use, specifically customized for their dataset and needs,” said Ryan Brinkman, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Cytapex.

The services are available now.

About FlowJo, LLC

FlowJo, LLC is a privately owned life sciences informatics company in Ashland, Oregon. Based on technology developed at Stanford, the company was founded in 1997 and provides the leading analysis platform for single-cell flow cytometry analysis. Their software innovations enable collaboration, discovery, high-throughput analysis, and data leadership in single-cell biology. For more information, see

About Cytapex Bioinformatics, Inc.

Founded by Dr. Ryan Brinkman, a leader in flow cytometry informatics, a Distinguished Scientist at the British Columbia Cancer Agency, and Professor of Medical Genetics at the University of British Columbia, Cytapex removes the barriers to high-throughput and high-dimensional cytometry data by providing expert services in data management, quality checking, and data analysis, including customized gating and biomarker discovery pipelines. Their clients include basic researchers, clinicians, testing service providers, small and big pharma, and clinical trial groups. For more information, see


FlowJo, LLC
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FlowJo, LLC
Caitlin Farquhar, 541-201-0022