Resilient IoT Guardian Unveiled to Protect Against Connected Threats

Resilient Network Systems and RunSafe Security Announce Strategic Partnership, New Approach to IoT Security

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Resilient Network Systems, the contextual access control company, today announced a strategic partnership with RunSafe Security to offer a unique IoT security solution—Resilient IoT Guardian—for both new and existing IoT deployments.

“We’ve brought the expertise of our two companies together from different areas of the security industry to offer this unique solution,” said Joe Saunders, CEO of RunSafe Security. “The strength and value of this new approach is in its ability to protect both at the individual IoT device level and at the device communications pathway level.”

With a projected $19 trillion economic transformation around IoT connected devices as deployments increase and adoption continues at record pace, so too are new attack vectors. The ‘out-of-the-box’ security measures for most devices are too weak and finding skilled IoT security experts is an ongoing challenge.

Resilient IoT Guardian embodies a new approach to defending devices, infrastructure and networks from cyber attacks. Combining RunSafe’s ability to cyber-harden devices remotely by means of three-step transformation, with Resilient Network Systems’ access control middleware to enforce policies such as continuous authentication and dynamic whitelisting, Resilient IoT Guardian can protect new and deployed devices remotely and is scheduled to be available this summer.

“This offering provides immediate defensive benefits and long-term assurance that your network continues to be trustworthy,” said Ethan Ayer, CEO of Resilient Network Systems. “Instead of worrying about hacks and misuse of your devices, we give you visibility into your network and the ability to manage it.”

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About RunSafe Security

RunSafe Security is the pioneer of a unique cyber-hardening technology designed to disrupt attackers and protect vulnerable embedded systems and devices. With the ability to make each device functionally identical but logically unique, RunSafe Security renders threats inert by eliminating attack vectors, significantly reducing vulnerabilities and denying malware the uniformity required to propagate. Based outside Washington, D.C., RunSafe Security’s customers span the IIoT, critical infrastructure, automotive and national security industries.

About Resilient Network Systems

Resilient Access™ is a policy-driven contextual access control solution for securely sharing data and connecting organizations. Our policy workflow engine discovers, organizes and resolves the information or attributes required to provide the context to make smarter access decisions. Resilient’s unique network-based architecture scales quickly to extend an organization’s reach across its entire ecosystem. Resilient Network Systems has customers in the U.S. government, law enforcement and healthcare, and is a privately held, venture-backed company based in San Francisco.


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