Introducing Fuze Card: The World’s Thinnest Wallet in a Single Card

ORANGE, Calif.--()--BrilliantTS has just launched its latest product – Fuze Card. Fuze Card is the world’s thinnest all-in-one smartcard that incorporates all of the cards in your wallet into a single secure smartcard. Fully funded on Indiegogo in just 2 hours, Fuze Card is compatible with Mag-strip/NFC/EMV/Bluetooth and works with iPhone and Android phones.

With Fuze, all of your credit, debit, membership, and loyalty cards can be combined into one. At a sleek 0.03 inches thick, Fuze can replace your entire wallet, holding information on up to 30 cards in one encrypted chip. With a flexible display, a 30-day rechargeable battery, and advanced security features, Fuze offers consumers both convenience and peace of mind.

Our journey began in the early 2000’s when I co-founded CrucialTec, which was the only company to successfully miniaturize optical mouse tech into a small module as big as your fingernail. We further developed that technology to develop Fuze Card, which packs so much tech in a 0.03 in thick card.”
-Jaehun Bae, CEO


  • Large Storage – Store up to 30 cards
  • Flexible Hardware – Flexible display, board, and battery
  • Extremely Thin – 0.03 in
  • Various Tech Support – Compatible with Mag-strip/NFC/Bluetooth/EMV technology
  • Rewritable Mag-strip – Information only on mag-strip briefly to prevent skimming
  • Rechargeable Battery – 30 days+
  • Portable Charging cradle – With built-in battery to charge Fuze anywhere
  • E-paper Display – Superior readability & extremely low power consumption
  • Separation Alert – Receive alerts if you leave your card behind
  • Location Tracking – In-app tracking of last known card location
  • Remote wipe – Remotely wipe all card information
  • Card Hold Mode – Locks to the card currently on the display for waiter handoff


Fuze M: Non-EMV model. Retails for $149, intended for those who would use the card for gift/membership/loyalty cards.

Fuze A: EMV chip model. Retails for $199, used for all situations.

Both cards are available for pre-order on Fuze’s Indiegogo campaign.

About BrilliantTS

Founded in 2012, Fuze was born of an engineering team developing optical trackpads for Blackberry. With their experience loading information into a small package, the Fuze team endeavored to simplify daily life by storing all wallet cards in one convenient package. While other companies have tried, only Fuze has the technology and the expertise to deliver.


Fuze Card
Daniel Kim
Press Kit



Fuze Card
Daniel Kim
Press Kit