Introducing the Lighthouse Interactive Assistant

Company Brings Advances in AI to the Home

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--Launching today out of Playground Studio, Lighthouse introduces its first product, the Lighthouse interactive assistant. Simply tell Lighthouse the things you care about, and it tells you when those things happen. The Lighthouse interactive assistant is now available for pre-order at

Lighthouse uses deep learning and 3D sensing technology developed as part of the DARPA Grand Challenge to introduce an unprecedented level of awareness within the home while you’re away, accurately distinguishing between adults, children, pets and objects, known and unknown faces, and actions. The Lighthouse interactive assistant provides insight to three core things: what has happened, what is happening and what is happening that shouldn’t be happening.

"Having spent years working on 3D sensing and perception systems for self-driving cars, we came to realize that there was enormous potential for these systems to be useful and delightful in the home," said Alex Teichman, co-founder and CEO of Lighthouse. "We exist to improve people's lives through artificial intelligence, and we're excited to be taking this first step.”

"The Lighthouse team has completely redefined what it means to have a connected home," said Bruce Leak, co-founder of Playground Global, a major investor in Lighthouse, and of Playground Studio, which collaborated with Lighthouse to design and build their product. “Once consumers experience the peace of mind and convenience of having a comprehensive view into what’s going on at home, they won't know how they lived without it.”

Key features of the Lighthouse interactive assistant include:

  • Activity: Get pinged in real-time about the moments you care about the most. For instance, you can ask Lighthouse to “Let me know when the dog walker comes while I’m away,” “Notify me if the babysitter doesn’t get home by 4 p.m.” or “Ping me if you see the kids by the front door after 10 p.m.”
  • Search: With the Lighthouse app, all you have to do is ask. Instead of scrubbing through hours of video, you can ask things like “What did my kids do while I was out today?” or “Was my dog running around this morning?” using natural language voice or text. Color-coded halos around adults, children and pets make it easy to see and follow activity.
  • Communication: Lighthouse recognizes natural gestures, like a simple wave. Your child can wave to the camera and a hello message goes straight to your phone. With two-way talk, you can say hello right back. For added privacy and control, you can turn audio on and off whenever you’d like.
  • Security: Lighthouse doesn’t get fooled by shadows, changing light conditions or pets, and it learns to recognize who’s welcome and who’s unexpected. If you’re alerted to a possible security threat, you can sound a siren, speak through the camera or call the police, all from the app.

Lighthouse’s intelligence is matched by its industry-leading data security and privacy measures. Lighthouse is secured by tamper-proof software, bank-level security and encryption, encrypted logins and passwords, and closed Bluetooth connections after Wi-Fi configuration. Lighthouse customers’ data is only viewable by the customers themselves, and never by Lighthouse employees or partners.

“The Lighthouse team has leveraged their knowledge of 3D sensing, AI and computer vision to develop a truly personal, interactive assistant,” said Lior Susan, founder at Eclipse Ventures and investor in Lighthouse. “By bringing this technology into the home for the first time, Lighthouse is opening an entirely new market for AI technology, bringing value to people’s lives through peace of mind.”

Three pricing bundles are available for the Lighthouse device with the associated Lighthouse Intelligence service: $399, with one year of Lighthouse Intelligence; $499, with three years of Lighthouse Intelligence; and $599, with five years of Lighthouse Intelligence (the five-year bundle renders the device free). After the pre-paid service plan expires, the service is $10 per month. Lighthouse is available for pre-order at and will ship in September.

About Lighthouse

Lighthouse, an AI services company, was founded by CEO Alex Teichman, PhD, and CTO Hendrik Dahlkamp, who have deep roots in the self-driving community, and whose collective achievements include the creation of patented computer vision technology, the development of the vision system for Stanley - the first autonomous car to complete the DARPA Grand Challenge - and technology that became Google Street View. Lighthouse has raised $17 million in funding from Eclipse Ventures, Playground Global, SignalFire, Felicis Ventures and StartX. Lighthouse is headquartered in Palo Alto at Playground Global. For more information visit


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Release Summary

Launching today out of Playground Studio, Lighthouse introduces its first product, the Lighthouse interactive assistant, the first company bringing advances in AI to the home.


The Hatch Agency
Claire Bentley, 303-501-6705