Independent Study Finds RES ONE Platform for Digital Workspaces Delivers 171% ROI and More Than $1 Million in Savings Per Year for Customers

RES ONE produces an average payback period of 8 months and an average benefit of $323 per user per year

BOSTON--()--RES, a leading software company, today announced a new, commissioned Total Economic Impact (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting shows the economic impact that the RES ONE platform has on reducing IT cost, improving IT security and increasing employee productivity for enterprises. RES is a leader in creating, automating and securing digital workspaces.

RES helps IT lower costs and increase security for the business, while improving the experience and productivity of its internal customers – the workforce. RES does it by creating, automating and securing digital workspaces: the assigned digital resources (apps, data, tools and workflows) that a person needs to get work done at anytime from anywhere. With RES, IT ensures that workers can access the resources they need – and only the resources for which they are approved, based on business objectives and policies and IT provisioning standards.

According to the The Total Economic Impact™ Of RES ONE Identity Director And RES ONE Automation Solutions, a February 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of RES, the RES ONE platform, including RES ONE Automation and RES ONE Identity Director, enabled customers worldwide to achieve an ROI of 171 percent and more than $1 million in savings per year, primarily through productivity gains and streamlining the provisioning of IT processes, with a payback period of less than nine months.

“The largest contributor to these ROI figures is increased productivity through the automated, secure and self service solutions delivered through our RES ONE platform,” said Tracey Mustacchio, Senior Vice President of Products and CMO at RES. “The significant ROI realized by our customers proves the incredible potential RES can deliver. Not only do we improve employee productivity and IT security but we improve the overall digital workspace experience across all environments. And that’s what sets us apart.”

The key ROI benefits highlighted in the Forrester TEI study include:

  • Zero-day start time reduced new user downtime by 3.5 days through RES ONE automation, workflows and self service solutions.
  • Software license costs were reduced through reassigning existing licenses and eliminating unneeded ones.
  • IT security, compliance and audit all improved by automatically providing and revoking users access to approved applications and resources as needed.
  • Automated and streamlined provisioning freed up IT time to work on new, higher value projects.

The Forrester TEI study was commissioned by RES to assess and quantify the business benefits and cost savings enabled by the RES ONE platform. The study also provides a framework enterprises can use to evaluate the potential financial impact of the RES ONE platform on their own organizations.

Customers in this study have stated:

  • “Before RES ONE, everything was manual. There were 30 to 40 people involved in provisioning from the IT organization. Nearly everything is now automated.”
  • “Each new hire is able to start their work much faster because they have all of the required accesses on day one. Previously it would take one week, sometimes two.”
  • “Automation is key. We can do more and do it consistently. We handle a lot more access requests without adding manpower.”

For a snapshot of the RES ROI potential, view our TEI Infographic

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About RES

RES creates, automates and secures digital workspaces across hybrid environments, enabling IT to improve the experience and productivity of the workforce while lowering costs. RES takes a people-centric approach that ensure workers can securely access the resources they need and are approved for based on business objectives and policies. RES boasts patented technologies, fast time to value, and superior customer support for more than 2,500 companies around the world. For more information visit, contact your preferred RES partner, and follow us on Twitter @ressoftware.


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Release Summary

RES announced a new, commissioned Total Economic Impact (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting that shows the ROI and economic impact that the RES ONE platform has on productivity and security


Nicole Connell, 610-999-8060