Beyond Fiber Optics: Teraphysics Set to Enable the Future of 5G with Wireless High-Speed Data Delivery Technology

~Company Qualifies for $50MM Issue of Reg A+ Securities Allowing Non-Accredited Investors Access to Commercialization of Miniaturized NASA Space Communications Technology with Unprecedented Data Transfer Speed~

MARINA DEL REY, Calif.--()--With the wireless industry predicting a 5,000 times increase in global wireless data transmission by 20301 and today’s available wireless spectrum dwindling, Boustead Securities, LLC MEMBER: FINRA/SIPC (“Boustead”), today announces that Teraphysics has received SEC qualification for a $50MM capital raise through the issuance of Regulation A+ securities.

Invented by three former NASA scientists, the Teraphysics technology, mmLink™ will enable ultrahigh-speed 5G data delivery, paving the way for the next generation of mobile data connectivity and greater access globally to the Internet. The mmLink™ suite of millimeter-wave amplifiers was developed and significantly enhanced with funding from the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, Air Force Research Lab, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The company announced its Reg A+ securities issue and commercialization plans at a news conference held last week at NASDAQ, which can be viewed at: A follow-up Q and A with Teraphysics Co-founder and CEO, Dr. Gerald Mearini, PhD and David Dobkin of Boustead Securities can be viewed at:

“A breakthrough in miniaturization in scale and potential similar to the impact of the transistor and microchips, mmLink™ is a modern day re-invention of 70-year old vacuum electronic technology that will serve as the backbone of 5G wireless data delivery, making it possible to download movies in the blink of an eye, stream live video seamlessly and bring Internet to underserved areas throughout the world,” says Louis Fisi, Chairman, CEO & Co-founder of Teraphysics.

Boustead, which is bringing Wall Street investment banking rigor to the world of Reg A+, is advising Teraphysics and is the underwriter of the Teraphysics Reg A+ offering. “The availability of these Reg A+ securities represents what the JOBS Act was intended to do—provide access for all investors to early stage investment opportunities in what could be 'the next big thing',” noted David Dobkin of Boustead.

The Teraphysics amplifier enabled system can provide high power with broad bandwidth in the previously inaccessible reaches of the mm-wave band and is planned to be less costly and quicker to install than fiber optic cable. Teraphysics’ first high-frequency amplifier is planned to achieve transfer speeds of 10 to 20 gigabits per second, which is 10 to 15 times faster than the present day technology supporting standard home Internet connectivity. Future products are planned to reach 150 gigabits per second.

By establishing professional levels of due diligence and corporate transparency for vetting emerging companies, ASMX Capital Advisors, also an advisor to Teraphysics and a Reg A+ consultant, helps emerging companies prepare their Reg A+ offerings and related marketing efforts.

Teraphysics is issuing 10,000,000 share of common stock priced at $5 per share. The net proceeds of this offering will be used to fund the commercialization phase of the Teraphysics technology, including the development of a micro link wireless network for the demonstration of wireless terrestrial and stratospheric platforms, the establishment of a piloting facility and the acquisition of production capacity.

The Teraphysics web site ( will be the primary means by which individual prospective investors2 can subscribe in this offering or through participating broker/dealers.

About Teraphysics

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Teraphysics was founded by Louis S. Fisi and scientists Dr. Gerald T. Mearini, PhD and James A. Dayton,, Jr. PhD. The company has developed patented devices that will dramatically enhance ultra-high speed 5G data delivery paving the way for the high level, next generation of mobile data transmission, that will greatly improve global Internet connectivity. mmLink™ is a wireless solution able to transmit at unprecedented data rates, employing a millimeter-wave amplifier that was developed and significantly enhanced with funding from the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, Air Force Research Laboratory, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The technology is far more advanced than what was used on NASA vehicles such as the Mars Observer and Cassini spacecraft. More information at

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1 International Wireless Industry Consortium
2 Limitations: Generally, no sale may be made to a non-accredited investor in this offering if the aggregate purchase price paid is more than 10% of the greater of their annual income or net worth.


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Teraphysics has received SEC qualification for a $50MM capital raise through the issuance of Regulation A+ securities. The Teraphysics mmLink™ will enable 5G wireless data delivery.


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