Exclusive Interview: Bitnine CEO Cheolsun Kang Announces the Release of AgensGraph v1.1, the Hybrid DBMS

“According to DB-Engines.com, graph databases have outgrown every other type of database in popularity since 2013, and not by a small margin either. It’s clear that developers, data scientists, and IT pros are just beginning to explore the potential of graph databases to solve new classes of big data analytic and transaction challenges.” (datanami)

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Bitnine CEO, Cheolsun Kang, announced the release of AgensGraph v1.1 on March 15, 2017. AgensGraph v1.1 will deliver future-oriented value and growth. AgensGraph will be presented by the CTO at Percona Live – The Premier Open Source Database Conference.

We interviewed the CEO, Cheolsun Kang on the direction of the Graph Database Industry, AgensGraph Software, and Bitnine’s plan for 2017.

Q.1. Please tell us about Bitnine.

Bitnine develops innovative Graph Database Technology. The R&D Center and the Marketing Team are located in Silicon Valley, Ca., the technology hub of the world. Bitnine was founded on principles of collaboration, innovation, science and creativity. We help companies not only transcend data limits, but business limits.

Q.2. Graph Database is well known. Please tell us more?

The world today is hyper-connected. Businesses generate more and more data each day. The Graph Database is an innovative system that organizes and processes this enormous data. The Graph Database focuses on the relationships between data, which the conventional database cannot handle efficiently. More and more companies are seeking a solution to better manage this highly-connected data. Graph Database is that solution. It is a new trend in the data science industry. Combined with visualization solutions, it offers a more suitable and intuitive data management environment. Graph Database is the technology that enables us to analyze staggeringly increasing data effectively and efficiently.

Q.3. AgensGraph v1.1 was recently released. Please introduce AgensGraph.

AgensGraph is a hybrid database based on the open source database, PostgreSQL. It is an integrated database that manages both relational data and graph data simultaneously. AgensGraph facilitates all the existing features in the abundant eco-system of PostgreSQL. It is the first multi-model DBMS with these powerful features. Bitnine will continue to enhance the performance of AgensGraph by upgrading the versions constantly.

Q.4 What separates AgensGraph from the competition? How has the market responded?

Users can combine the SQL and the Cypher query language into a single query. AgensGraph provides more than just the convenience of data modeling. We have demonstrated that the combined queries will dramatically boost the traversal performance. This means that the execution speed of AgensGraph is superior to that of leading competitors. We have tested the performance using the LDBC Social Network Benchmark standard and will announce the results soon.

There is a misunderstanding that a Multi-Model DBMS based on the relational database is not optimized for graph data processing. Bitnine conquered this obstacle by applying the advanced query optimization technology of PostgreSQL. AgensGraph shows faster query performance than existing graph database software.

AgensGraph brings solutions to current business needs such as cyber-attack detection, smart factory, supply chain management, recommendation engine, CRM, and so on. Bitnine believes AgensGraph will place a milestone in the database industry in 2017.

Q.5. What is your plan for 2017?

Bitnine plans to hold an “AgensDay” conference in Silicon Valley to promote AgensGraph and Agens Solutions. This conference will be the biggest event held by Bitnine. Bitnine will also announce AgensAnalyzer (Big Data Analytic Module) and AgensManager (Graph Data Visualization Tool) in the conference.

Bitnine sponsors informative Graph Database Seminars throughout Silicon Valley using the networking site – “Meetup.” The seminars are presented by renowned speakers.

For more information, please visit www.bitnine.net


Bitnine Global, Inc.
Joshua Y. Bae, 925-998-0073

Release Summary

Bitnine CEO, Cheolsun Kang, announced the release of AgensGraph v1.1 on March 15, 2017. AgensGraph v1.1 will deliver future-oriented value and growth. We interviewed the CEO, Cheolsun Kang.


Bitnine Global, Inc.
Joshua Y. Bae, 925-998-0073