SubscriberWise Executive and U.S. Credit Czar David Howe is Prompted by Equifax Reply Involving Child Crime

FICO numen and America’s child guardian seeks corporate contrition and federal remedy following unacceptable response

ATLANTA--()--“Today, on this Easter Sunday Holiday, I publicly express my disappointment and discontent,” stated David Howe, SubscriberWise founder. “I hope that my comments result in a solution to better protect innocent children.

“Last September I became engaged in a child identity fraud investigation that involved theft of service and equipment from CenturyLink and MCTV.

“The issue that provoked me was the response that I received following a request to block the minor’s stolen identity,” Howe explained. “I found the automated response highly insensitive and inappropriate, particularly after the long hours I committed to this case, including the vast evidence I gathered for law enforcement."

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Read Howe’s letter to Equifax:

Read Equifax’s reply to Howe:

“The solution I propose following the unsatisfactory response is a simple system for anyone to report a suspected child identity theft for investigation,” Howe continued. “Police, parents, teachers, students, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, friends – ANYONE could use the system to initiate an investigation.

“The system would be available to the public and under the jurisdiction of the Federal Trade Commission: ,” Howe said.

“With the current system, it’s a significant challenge to block a child’s illegal credit file.

“This challenge is true for police, and true even for the U.S. Credit Czar,” Howe added.

“With the proposed system, when an investigation confirms the child’s criminal victimization – as the police have confirmed in the case that I reported to Equifax – then the federal law would mandate file suppression at the national repositories…Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.”

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