Roomonitor Looks to CrateDB for Real Time Analytics of IoT Sensor Data for Automated Climate Control

CrateDB replaces MongoDB for real-time analysis of millions of climate sensor data points to lower costs for hospitality industry

SAN FRANCISCO--(), developers of CrateDB, a leading open source SQL database for real time analytics of IoT and machine data, today announced that Barcelona-based Roomonitor, which specializes in systems that monitor and control air conditioning for the hospitality industry, has selected CrateDB to store and enable analysis of massive amounts of IoT data generated by its sensors and controllers.

“Our success depends on our ability to collect and analyze thousands of sensor readings per second, and give property managers the real-time insight they need to balance air conditioning costs and tenant comfort in their rental properties,” said Ignacio Suarez, CEO of Roomonitor. “If that data is unavailable to use for any reason, or is limited in scope, our solution is ineffective. We need the most scalable, flexible, reliable and easy-to-use database available, and need it to be purpose-built for IoT. CrateDB is the best solution we have found, and we’ve tried them all.”

The Roomonitor system, which helps landlords and hotel proprietors avoid the wasted costs and energy associated with overuse of air conditioning, is currently deployed in hundreds of locations in 17 cities across Europe, ranging from by-owner vacation rentals to large hotels. With thousands of sensors that monitor noise levels, the system can sense whether air conditioning units are on or off, whether windows and doors are open or closed and even how many people are in the room, and can also actively adjust air conditioning settings for the optimal balance of cost and comfort, given those conditions, also it can give alerts when levels of sounds exceed certain levels of patterns, alerting the property manager of possible problems inside the property.

“CrateDB’s unmatched concurrency capabilities and simple scaling, along with its SQL interface made it far and away the best solution for us,” said Waseem Javid Nasiri, senior developer at Roomonitor. “We tried other solutions, including MongoDB, but it was difficult and expensive to scale for our needs. Plus, CrateDB is SQL, which 90 percent of today’s developers know well, and that makes hiring new developers easier.”

CrateDB is an open source SQL database that enables real-time analytics for machine data applications. CrateDB makes machine data applications that were previously only possible using NoSQL solutions available to mainstream SQL developers. Its unique capabilities are enabled by the following innovations:

  • Distributed SQL query engine for faster JOINs, aggregations, and ad-hoc queries
    Columnar field caches and a fully distributed query planner enable CrateDB to perform complex queries in real time and overcome many of the performance and flexibility limitations of first-generation distributed SQL databases.
  • SQL with integrated search for data and query versatility
    CrateDB is a unique combination of SQL and search technology, which enables a wide range of analytics, including machine learning and predictive analytics, on time series, full text, JSON, geospatial, and other structured and unstructured data without having to use different database engines to do so.
  • Container architecture and automatic data sharding for simple scaling
    Database scalability is vital for handling variations in machine data volume, but this is normally difficult to do. CrateDB can run as a cluster of containers, which enables it to be scaled easily with Docker, Kubernetes, or Mesos container platforms. In addition, CrateDB automatically shards and redistributes data across the cluster as it changes size to optimize performance and high availability.

“Innovative companies like Roomonitor are finding strong advantages in CrateDB, given its scalability, query versatility and ease-of-use for real-time analytics of structured and unstructured data,” said Christin Lutz, CEO of CrateDB. “We look forward to continuing to work closely with Roomonitor as its deployments, applications and capabilities continue their extremely rapid expansion.”

About is the developer of CrateDB, an open source distributed database offering the scalability and performance of NoSQL with the power and ease of standard SQL. Designed specifically to support IoT and machine data applications, Crate is optimized for containerized environments. is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Berlin, Germany and Dornbirn, Austria.


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Mindshare PR
Wilson Craig, +1 408-516-6182