National Car Rental Fraud Victim Discusses Crime and Consumer Protections with U.S. Senator Rubio’s Office

SubscriberWise founder and fraud victim David Howe shares predatory details of theft attempt while advocating for the public with Senator Marco Rubio’s office

TAMPA, Fla.--()--SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading provider of big data, advanced-analytics, and business-rules technology, announced today that company founder and child protector David Howe traveled to the Office of United States Senator Marco Rubio.

“Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Shauna Johnson, Senator Marco Rubio’s staff assistant,” said David Howe, crime-victim consumer advocate and survivor. “And today I’m publicly thanking Ms. Johnson for taking time from her extremely busy schedule to hear the facts about my personal victimization, as well as listen to suggestions that I believe will mitigate predatory behavior which, unfortunately, harms citizens and visitors with frequency and impunity.

“Among the comprehensive evidence involving the attempted theft last October, I also came to the meeting armed with documentation from the rental car industry that demonstrates the urgent need for federal and state legislative involvement.

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“The documentation included:

  • Fuel charges predatorily and automatically charged despite gas receipts and full tanks
  • Rudimentary damage receipts which enable and encourage attempted and civil theft
  • Fraudulent mis-recording of mileage which enable agents’ ‘joyriding’ in rental fleet at potential financial liability to consumer
  • Vehicles rented with ‘excessive’ damage and with the absence of photographic and written evidence to substantiate pre-existing condition
  • Arbitration clauses buried in fine print designed entirely to conceal industry’s behavior from public court dockets

“We also discussed the predatory practice of duplicate toll charges that have plagued many victims, including me, and which is currently under investigation by the FL AG’s office.

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“I want to thank Senator Rubio directly for empowering his staff to focus on critical issues that impact not only Florida property owners, tax payers and crime victims like me, but for U.S.A. citizens across this nation and around the globe.

“Despite the fact that I’ve retained counsel and intend to obtain compensatory justice, I indeed forgive National Car Rental and its employees for the illicit behavior last October,” continued Howe. “In large part, the absence of strong and unambiguous federal and state laws encourages and enables this unethical and even illegal behavior. However, there’s no doubt that it’s time for Enterprise Holdings to become part of the solution.

“Yes, I do hope Enterprise senior executives will join me in Washington where I plan to continue pursing justice for me and all others here and around the world,” Howe concluded.

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Release Summary

Florida property owner and National Car Rental victim David Howe takes advocacy and victimization to U.S. Senator Marco Rubio's office.


David Howe, 888-596-1119 x137