Maana Partners with exClone to Develop Industrial Chatbots

Partnership Combines Enterprise Knowledge Technology with Intelligent Chatbot Interface to Accelerate Asset Optimization

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--Maana, the pioneer of enterprise knowledge technology, today announced a partnership with exClone, Inc., to integrate exClone’s intelligent chatbot technology with the Maana Knowledge Platform. Now Maana’s customers can enable experts in their organization to improve the daily decision-making process and speed asset and workflow optimization through a conversational interface.

“Chatbots have become one of the pillars of artificial intelligence and have entered the enterprise world to make internal and external communication more accurate, consistent, scalable and cost effective than that of their human counterparts,” said Riza Berkan, CEO and founder, exClone. “We are excited to be a part of this historic transformation where software platforms, like the Maana Knowledge Platform are improving decision flows across the enterprise. Maana’s platform combined with exClone’s chatbot interface can further cultivate human-machine dialog during decision making.”

The Maana Knowledge Platform, used by Fortune 500 companies, is uniquely designed to encode human expertise and data into digital knowledge so employees can make better decisions faster. To do so, Maana’s platform allows experts to quickly build hundreds of interconnected models that provide continuous, actionable recommendations into the operations of assets and workflows. To make the decision-making process effective and efficient, the platform’s interface must allow users to interact with the system in the most casual, natural, and untrained manner possible. Chatbots introduce short-term conversational memory that increases precision in providing answers to questions and communicates in more human-like ways. Integrating exClone’s chatbot interface with Maana’s knowledge platform enables experts to quickly extract knowledge from the depths of data silos.

“Humanizing the problem-solving process by making it easier for subject-matter experts to understand the interdependencies that stitch the enterprise together is of the utmost importance when optimizing assets and decision flows,” said Donald Thompson, founder and president, Maana. “The combination of Enterprise Knowledge Technology, which brings knowledge and reasoning into the hands of subject-matter experts; and exClone’s intelligent chatbots, which enable experts to interact with digital knowledge using familiar dialogue patterns, will make digital transformation a widespread reality.”

About exClone

exClone, Inc. is a New York City based technology company specialized in expert chatbots that can handle special content, expertise, and persona. The company's proprietary technology, which is centered around the human dialogue theory invented by the founders, is comprised of machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to absorb knowledge, and to turn it into a dialogue system. The process is called the digital cloning of human expertise, hence the name (ex)pert clone, exClone. The company creates chatbots for helpdesk, tech support, sales agents, and for similar online assistants as well as for robotics and industrial machines through its cloning platform without any coding requirement.

About Maana

Maana pioneered “knowledge technology” for the enterprise. The Maana Knowledge Platform turns human expertise and data into digital knowledge for employees to make better decisions–faster. Maana’s patented Knowledge Graph™ combined with Maana’s proprietary algorithms, expedite extracting knowledge from data silos, to reveal the relationships in the context of optimizing assets or processes. Customers include Fortune 500 companies such as Chevron, GE, Maersk and Shell. Maana’s investors are comprised of Chevron Technology Ventures, Frost Data Capital, GE Ventures, Intel Capital, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, and Shell Technology Ventures. Maana is privately held with offices in Palo Alto, California, Bellevue, Washington and Houston, Texas. Visit us at

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Julie O’Grady, 650-269-9989

Release Summary

Maana Combines Enterprise Knowledge Technology with Intelligent Chatbot Interface to Accelerate Asset Optimization


Julie O’Grady, 650-269-9989