CaliberMind Joins the Terminus Cloud for Account-Based Marketing

Leading B2B customer journey orchestration solution enables marketers to expand and engage buying teams throughout their buyer’s decision journey

BOULDER, Colo.--()--CaliberMind, maker of the award-winning B2B customer journey orchestration platform, has joined the Cloud for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) program, founded by Terminus.

CaliberMind's solution is used by mid market & enterprise companies to map buying centers, develop data driven buyer personas for psychographic targeting and to personalize both content and messaging at the account level, making it a must have tool in an effective ABM stack. Its customers include Fortune 500 B2B companies such as Citrix and NetApp, as well as Gusto, Convercent and Datavail.

The Terminus Cloud for ABM, an invite-only partner program designed to provide marketers with a selection of web-based tools that support the execution of account-based marketing strategies at scale, has more than 35 vendors signed-on to the initiative. Each software tool connects with Salesforce to share data and are grouped into at least one of the five categories of an ABM technology stack:

  • Identify - tools for identifying potential accounts
  • Expand - tools for expanding reach within accounts
  • Engage - tools for engaging with accounts
  • Advocate - tools to help individuals within accounts become product champions
  • Measure - analytics tools that help marketers understand attribution and engagement from those accounts

CaliberMind’s solution fits into 2 of the 5 ABM categories, Expand and Engage.

“Taking an account-based approach is the first step in transitioning from a product to a customer-centric organization but you can’t just stop at the account level, you have to better understand the individual buyers and the buying team so you can create personal and relevant content that supports your buyers in their decision journey,” said, Raviv Turner, CEO of CaliberMind. “CRMs were not built to track buying signals, and rule-based Marketing Automation Platforms can no longer handle the complexity of the modern B2B buyer’s journey. A machine powered, customer-data-platform that can plug-in and provide a single view of your buyers across their entire decision journey is the foundation of any effective ABM strategy.”

“As account-based marketing becomes more mainstream for B2B marketers, there need to be better resources on how to build an integrated ABM technology solution. The Terminus Cloud for ABM provides marketers a roadmap to developing a comprehensive solution that works with their existing eco-system while not being locked into one vendor,” says Sangram Vajre, CMO & co-founder of Terminus. “We’re excited to welcome CaliberMind. The success of the Terminus Cloud for ABM is predicated on having great tools that utilize cutting-edge technology like AI.”

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About CaliberMind

CaliberMind is a venture backed, Boulder-based startup founded by seasoned marketing technology veterans that is pioneering the next generation of B2B customer journey orchestration software. Unlike existing marketing automation solutions that take conventional multi-step campaigns and calling them “journeys”, the platform automatically derives a customer journey from the customer data it assembled. It works by analyzing the sequence of lead-to-revenue events for each account and finding the most common paths to sale using machine learning and human language analysis.

Ideal for midsize to enterprise B2B companies that have made the shift to more tailored, account-based marketing, CaliberMind gives marketers and sales professionals a personalized playbook for every account in their company’s CRM. The solution prescribes content to tailor marketing and sales communication to fit each individual, increase engagement and accelerate sales.


Rachel Israel, 303-818-5440


Rachel Israel, 303-818-5440