New AI Driven Video Marketing Platform Meets Accelerated Need For Digital Video Creative At Scale

Magisto Launches Magisto for Marketers, Agile Video Creative for Businesses of All Sizes

MENLO PARK, Calif.--()--Magisto, the world’s most popular smart video storytelling application, today announced Magisto for Marketers, an amplification of its Magisto for Business platform tailored specifically to marketers. The new platform uses artificial intelligence to help drive the transition from traditional marketing creative to digital-first, mobile video marketing for businesses of all sizes.

Magisto for Marketers introduces Intelligent Marketing creative into Magisto’s patented artificial intelligence engine - Emotional Sense Technology™. This gives marketing professionals the ability to easily create marketing videos for a variety of disciplines including content marketing, product marketing, brand marketing and performance marketing.

Magisto’s new offering allows marketers to create multiple variations of optimized videos by use case, platform, audience, message, product and ROI performance. The AI technology incorporates easy-to-use editing styles designed for businesses, the ability to add custom branding to clone videos and to direct Magisto’s AI to refine messaging and produce multiple A/B test creatives. It also includes themes that automatically optimize marketing videos for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

“For the first time, we’re making video marketing agile, completely changing the economics of video production and drastically improving its ROI,” said Magisto’s CEO and Founder, Oren Boiman. “Magisto for Marketers distinctively meets a massive market need for producing digital video with scale, velocity and creative variation.”

Magisto’s AI-powered platform is uniquely designed to help businesses new to video creation easily deliver video marketing and help companies that already use video transition to digital.

In fact, Borrell Associates highlights the importance and growth of digital video. “As businesses work to include mobile with desktop and video with print, the digital marketing space rapidly evolves,” says Corey Elliott, VP of Research with Borrell Associates. “This year, almost $29 billion will be spent in the U.S. to produce online video and is predicted to grow to $41 billion in 2017.”

Shahar Erez, SVP Products at Kenshoo adds, “Marketers are facing a creative log jam when it comes to scalable video advertising. Magisto is a powerful video creative solution that allows marketers to refresh video creative regularly, adjust by publisher, and to understand which of these assets drives the best results. In partnership with Kenshoo’s Creative Manager and publisher network, marketers can deploy highly targeted videos at the speed the market demands.”

New York City marketing and loyalty platform, flok, recently used Magisto for Marketers as part of their customer acquisition efforts on Facebook.

“We see tremendous opportunity for video across all aspects of our business from product marketing to customer acquisition,” said Ido Gaver, CEO and co-founder of flok. “Magisto’s AI-driven creative platform helped accelerate our video marketing efforts by an order of magnitude compared to traditional video production.”

Magisto for Marketers is now available via the web and will be available on mobile early in 2017. To learn more about the Magisto for Marketers, click here; for a full feature list and pricing click here.

About Magisto

Magisto is the world’s most popular smart video storytelling application that uses Emotional Sense Technology™, patented story detection that automatically analyzes and edits raw video footage and photos into produced personal movies and professional marketing videos. Businesses use Magisto to create and deploy video marketing creative with unprecedented ease, agility and speed. Magisto is available for iOS, Android and the Web. It’s not magic, it’s Magisto. For more information, visit, or find us @magisto.


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104 West Partners for Magisto
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