National Geographic Goes “Further”

Company Announces Global Rebrand Extending Across Entire Organization

“Further” Becomes Global Tagline and North Star Aspiration for National Geographic

Rebrand Coincides with Nov. 14 Global Event Series Premiere of Mars — Epic Story of Mankind’s Thrilling Quest to Colonize Mars from Executive Producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard

WASHINGTON--()--From the top of One World Trade Center, National Geographic announced today an extensive global rebrand across the company’s world-class media platforms, experiences and nonprofit organization. This evolution further builds on last year’s expanded joint venture with 21st Century Fox and cements National Geographic’s position as a leader in premium content with an unparalleled global reach.

The rebrand will touch every aspect of National Geographic (at both the for-profit National Geographic Partners and the nonprofit National Geographic Society), including the visual presentation of the global channels in 171 countries, the iconic magazine,, all of the company’s social and digital platforms and the National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The new global tagline “Further embodies the ethos and spirit that have defined the National Geographic brand for over 128 years. Embracing the company’s purpose to be the leading premium content destination for science, exploration and adventure, “Further” captures the aspirations of the National Geographic audience and serves as a rallying cry for its employees, explorers, photographers, producers and other constituencies as well as a promise to advertisers, affiliates, educators and other external partners.

“A year ago we combined all of our content platforms into one company, establishing an unparalleled and enviable global reach for our iconic brand, which touches over 730 million consumers every month,” said Declan Moore, CEO, National Geographic Partners. “Now, as we reimagine our business for the 21st Century, this rebrand — the largest in our history, and possibly the largest of any integrated media company — reinforces to consumers and the marketplace, with a singular vision, the power of the National Geographic brand as well as the premium, visually spectacular nature of our storytelling across every platform.”

“‘Further’ allows us to cement National Geographic in the minds of consumers, whether the magazine, the channels or the society,” added Gary E. Knell, president and CEO, National Geographic Society. “Through our unmatched support of explorers, adventurers, scientists, educators, photographers and other storytellers, we aim to build a worldwide, public community of learners. And I can’t think of anything that encompasses our mission better than the idea of ‘Further.’”

National Geographic will now share one unifying brand logo across all of its media platforms. As a global tagline, “Further” captures National Geographic’s insatiable quest to always go deeper, to seek, to take risks, to push boundaries, to remain restless and to be pioneering in everything we do, just like the National Geographic explorers who came before us. (Our “Further” mantra is at the end of this release.)

As part of this effort, the network will also drop the word “Channel” from all on-air and off-air extensions across 440 million households in 171 countries and 45 languages. The rebrand will coincide with the global event series premiere of MARS, the epic story of mankind’s thrilling quest to colonize Mars, from executive producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, on Monday, Nov. 14, at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT in the United States (globally Nov. 13). The initial phase of the network’s rebrand design covers all aspects of National Geographic.

“This rebrand marks a significant turning point in the realization of our transformational new vision for National Geographic Channel,” said Courteney Monroe, CEO, National Geographic Global Television Networks. “As a new brand positioning statement, ‘Further’ aligns perfectly with our new premium programming strategy, which is built on quality, distinctiveness and the relentless pursuit of creative excellence. The new visual design is sophisticated, contemporary and cinematic and lives up to the promise of the National Geographic brand.”

On the channel, the campaign includes a new distinctive on-air look, brand IDs, brand animations and talent IDs, featuring talent including Jason Silva (Brain Games, Origins), Neil deGrasse Tyson (StarTalk) and Richard Bacon (Explorer) as well as explorers and photographers. The network has also unveiled a new brand anthem and slate spot timed to the rebrand (links below).

The magazine has redesigned its cover, with a renewed focus on the iconic imagery National Geographic is known for, beginning with the November Mars issue. The website and all digital and social channels will also relaunch Nov. 14, reflecting the new design. And the National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C., will be outfitted with imagery from the new campaign outside the museum and inside the offices.

In all, the rebrand will extend across every business unit of National Geographic, including the kids business, travel business, live events, consumer products and more.

In the beginning of 2017, the rebrand will evolve to include a “Further” section in National Geographic magazine, a “Further” web series and more consumer-facing activations to be announced.

Furthering the knowledge and understanding of our world is, and always has been, the core purpose of National Geographic. The brand continues to delve deeper into every topic, every theme to provide knowledge, depth and perspectives unavailable anywhere else. National Geographic strives to produce content that has the power to inspire, enlighten and provoke — entertainment with purpose.

Link to National Geographic FURTHER logo:

Link to select talent brand spots:

Richard Bacon (Host, Explorer):
Enric Sala (National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence):
Anand Varma (Explorer and Photographer):
Jason Silva (Host, Brain Games and Origins):

Link to select talent posters:

Sarah Parcak (Archaeologist and Egyptologist):
Jason Silva:
Richard Bacon:
Anand Varma:

Gretel NY developed the rebrand with National Geographic Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy and Marketing Emanuele Madeddu and Vice President of Brand Mariano Barreiro, under the direction of CEO Courteney Monroe. For Gretel, Greg Hahn is founder/CEO, Ryan Moore is creative director, Caleb Halter is art director, Amber Kusmenko is senior animator and Shane Dolly is producer.

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How far have we come?
Our picture of the world is clearer than we ever could have imagined.
How much further will we go?
We’ve mapped nearly every surface of every continent on Earth.
Charted the depths of the oceans. And then, we went further.
To the moon. To Mars. Across galaxies, to the farthest reaches of the universe.
And further still.
Into the very building blocks of life, between atoms, to the other side of matter.
Past time and space, right up to the very edge of understanding.
And we’re still drawn forward,
By the lure of the unknown.
The pull of possibility.
The adventure.
This is what drives us.
To challenge.
To protect.
To inspire.
This is our mission.
We are scientists, pioneers and explorers.
And we are restless.
In the field or the lab,
The objective is simple.
Keep going.
With every discovery, insight and revelation.
Keep going.
There is another story from another angle; a different take from a new perspective.
Keep going.
Past the fear. The doubt. Beyond defeat.
Through sleepless nights. Lightless depths.
Breathless heights.
One more step.
To the edge of impossible.
Then Further.
This is our relentless pursuit. The drive, passion and purpose of all of us, since we emerged from our caves and saw the stars.
It is what brought us to this point, and will bring us to points beyond.
Past what we know; all we’ve imagined.
And then


National Geographic Partners
Laura Nichols, 202-912-6743
Chris Albert, 202-912-6526


National Geographic Partners
Laura Nichols, 202-912-6743
Chris Albert, 202-912-6526