Pure Green Selects Grey Jean Technologies’ AI Platform to Determine Next Retail Locations

NYC-based Juice Bar Leverages AI-Powered Personalization Engine to Analyze Data on Target Customers

NEW YORK--()--Grey Jean Technologies, the AI-powered personalization company that provides the most accurate predictions of consumer behavior, has been selected by Pure Green, a New York City-based juice bar, to provide strategic insights into the retailer’s customer base as it looks to expand its number of retail locations. Grey Jean’s sophisticated AI-powered recommendation engine, Genie, will gather and analyze transaction and consumer data from Pure Green’s current stores to determine the best areas to set up new retail locations.

“We’re looking to grow from three to ten locations by the end of this year,” said Ross Franklin, CEO of Pure Green. “Genie will allow us to have a greater understanding of our consumers’ demographics, preferences and behaviors, which will help us identify who our target audience really is and, subsequently, where we’d have the most success with a new storefront. We’re very excited to partner with Grey Jean to receive the critical information we need to continue to grow our business.”

“Pure Green understands that AI can help them better scale their business than if they were to do this on their own,” said Craig Alberino, CEO of Grey Jean. “Genie will analyze more than 500 data attributes to build actionable customer profiles that will help pinpoint who Pure Green’s target customers are and where they are located. This information has tremendous value for any retailer looking to successfully expand physical storefronts.”

As part of the partnership, Grey Jean will also assess which products are selling the best and what type of product Pure Green should create more of based on individual customer preferences at each location.

“We offer a wide range of smoothies, cold-pressed, bottled juices, acai bowls and shots at all of our retail and kiosk locations, but offerings fluctuate based on location,” said Franklin. “If Genie can help us predict what each individual is most likely to purchase and at which location, we will be more successful in providing relevant offers and deals to our customers based on their individual preferences and location, while simultaneously increasing sales across all of our stores. It’s a win for both us and our customers.”

Grey Jean’s flagship product, Genie provides the most accurate purchase behavior predictions, enabling marketers to target consumers with relevant messages that drive desired actions. For more about how Genie uses personalization and AI to improve customer acquisition and sales, please visit www.gjny.com.

About Grey Jean Technologies
Grey Jean Technologies is the personalization company that improves customer acquisition and sales across all retail channels. Genie, the company’s AI-powered recommendation engine, provides the most accurate predictions of consumer behavior, enabling retail marketers to target customers and prospects with contextually relevant messages that drive desired actions. The company is headquartered in New York. For more information, please visit http://gjny.com/.


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