Meet The Refreshinq Co.—A Nationwide Health and Wellness Movement Driven by People Who Never Quit

WADSWORTH, Ohio--()--Imagine shaving a few more seconds off the time it takes you to run a mile. Imagine having the extra energy to get more done after work each day. Imagine having the motivation to finally hit your goal weight.

Imagine always being inspired to get up, lace up and put up with what a workout or workload throws at you. The Refreshinq Co. offers its community an attitude that never quits aspiring to be fit, strong and healthy—and the power to endure with its supporting nutrients and supplement packs and patches.

The Refreshinq Co. brand is creating a national movement to inspire health and wellness across all walks of life. Much more than a supplement provider, Refreshinq is powered by a community of fans who are driven by determination to better their bodies and a limitless imagination for what’s possible.

Refreshinq wants everyone—from a top-performing athlete or fitness enthusiast to anyone aspiring to be their best—to imagine what they can do, and to imagine what “Q” can do.

Imagine What Q Can Do

What’s in a name? “Refreshinq” stands for two things: our refreshing, new approach to wellness, and how we’ll help you Never Quit reaching your health goals. Go ahead, say it out loud: “I Never Quit.”

“At Refreshinq, we’re committed to fueling a community with the inspiration, the strength and the grit to meet their health and wellness goals—to never quit getting better,” said Christina Cyrus, General Manager of Marketing, The Refreshinq Co. “We’re building a movement that encourages our users to be their best selves, and to take our Never Quit Pledge, sharing their goals and tapping into the energy of Refreshinq to succeed.”

Refreshinq “Q Community” encourages the sharing of their Never Quit Pledges on social media, the first step in making imagination a reality for health and wellness goals.

“The Q Community will be the heart of Refreshinq,” said Anna Jones, Community Activation Specialist, The Refreshinq Co. “We’re getting into the community to help inspire people to better themselves, and to help us spread the word about everything that Q can do for those who want to reach their health and wellness potential.”

Energy and Determination Tailored for You

Refreshinq has several offerings that enable its users to never quit: Patches, Packs and the RQ Program.

Patches. Place a Refreshinq Patch on the thigh, stomach or bicep for convenient, timed-release vitamins throughout the day. Available patches include Energy, Weight Support and Vitamin D.

Packs. Refreshinq takes the guesswork out of supplement decision-making by offering clinically supported and preselected supplement packs. Available in Multivitamin, Workout + Recovery, Stress and Diabetes Management, and Customizinq varieties for simplified selection based on individual needs.

RQ Program. The Refreshing Quotient (RQ) program is a results-driven, RQ pharmacist-coached program that is based on blood biomarker analytics; in partnership with InsideTracker, RQ offers specific analysis to help track and optimize individual wellness, energy and performance. Biomarkers can be indicative of individual health traits and can help guide toward better health outcomes. Users can create their RQ account to receive analysis, one-on-one nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, coach support from pharmacists and special Refreshing Co. discounts and gear.

“We want our customers to not only reach their health and fitness goals, but to maintain them for life,” said George Glatcz, President and Chief Operations Officer, The Refreshinq Co. “We will help them to perform at optimized levels by supplying the right nutrients—specifically tailored to individual bodies and lifestyle routines—when they’re needed.”

The Refreshinq movement is just getting started. Join it now by taking the Never Quit Pledge at

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About The Refreshinq Co.

The Refreshinq Co. is creating a movement across the country to inspire people to be fit, healthy and strong. With a never quit attitude and a community of fans who share our quest and determination for a healthy life, we support bodies with the needed nutrients—so when people imagine what they can do, they can do it. We promise to support anyone who wants to optimize his or her health and wellness, offering individualized packs, patches and plans for every body and every need. The Refreshinq Co. is a division of Ritzman Pharmacy, headquartered in Wadsworth, Ohio.


Jodee Juarez

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The Refreshinq Co. is a new brand inspiring a movement among health-minded individuals to never quit getting better—with the support of pharmacist-curated supplement patches and vitamin packs.



Jodee Juarez