RAYCOP Purifiers Help Families Live, Sleep and Breathe Better

Following Momentous Success with Asian Customers, Leading Japanese Consumer Brand Brings Benefits of Patented RayClean Technology® to North American Consumers

Top left, RAYCOP LITE. Bottom right, RAYCOP RS2. (Photo: Business Wire)

Top left, RAYCOP LITE. Bottom right, RAYCOP RS2. (Photo: Business Wire)

PLEASANTON, Calif.--()--Today, RAYCOP makes its top-selling line of home surface and fabric purification products available for the first time in North America. The RAYCOP RS2 and RAYCOP LITE are designed to clean and sanitize where families live, sleep and eat within the home. RAYCOP’s RS2 and LITE use ultraviolet (UV) light technology, pulsation pads, optimized suction and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration to eliminate and collect potentially harmful allergens, pollen, bacteria, dust mite matter and microorganisms, leaving the home not only cleaner, but safer too.

“Millions of people worldwide suffer from allergies, asthma, viruses and a host of other issues including lack of sleep, all originating from harmful microorganisms and bacteria found on surfaces in the home environment,” said Dr. Sungjin Lee, physician and founder of RAYCOP. “RAYCOP products give families peace of mind in knowing their home is a clean, fresh and healthy environment.”

The Importance of Cleaning the Unseen:

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a single mattress may be home to as many as 10 million dust mites and a multitude of bacteria and viruses. Unlike a regular vacuum, RAYCOP purifiers have a dual filtration system incorporating a primary filter along with a HEPA filter which is proven to capture 99.9% of common allergens like dust, pollen and mold. Additionally, the combination of UV light technology, suction and pulsating pads in RayClean Technology® effectively extract potentially harmful microorganisms to capture allergens and outdoor pollutants, leaving home surfaces sanitized.

The Evolution of RAYCOP:

Founded in 2005, RAYCOP was developed to address concerns about allergies and asthma symptoms caused primarily by irritants in dust, dirt and pollen. Dr. Lee researched and developed a unique and effective product designed to apply UV rays to sanitize and clean fabric surfaces such as bedding and upholstery. The resulting RayClean Technology® effectively traps and helps eliminate dust mite matter, pollen and bacteria that are usually unseen by the naked eye, but nevertheless exist all around living spaces.

In the years that have followed, many customers in Japan and other parts of the world have attested to the fact that using RAYCOP products have helped to create a cleaner environment in their home, and improved their overall quality of life.

Reasons to RAYCOP it:

  • Designed with a dual filtration system including a HEPA filter to capture over 99.9% of common allergens and UV light to deactivate the DNA of potentially harmful microorganisms.
  • Proven RayClean Technology® enables optimized synergy of UV sanitization, vibration, suction and filtration works to carefully sanitize delicate fabrics, resulting in a cleaner, fresher home and easier breathing.
  • Saves water and energy – the quickest way to purify bed linens without running the washer.
  • Cuts back on the cost and hassle of professional cleaning – purifies home fabrics that can’t just be tossed in the wash, like upholstery, drapes, decorative pillows and even clothes.

RAYCOP Products:

RAYCOP products are backed by ongoing in-house and third-party research and proven to help people breathe easier, sleep more soundly and benefit from better air quality throughout the home.





PRICE     $349.99     $189.99

3 Modes:
Delicate / Normal / Heavy

    1 mode
VIBRATION CAPACITY     4,600-5,000 / Minute     3,300 / Minute
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES     Spare filter, cleaning brush, cloth     Filter
POWER CONSUMPTION     300 Watt     330 Watt
UVC LAMP     11 Watt     6 Watt
SANITIZATION WIDTH     9 inches     6 inches
BRUSH ROLLER     Included     -
STAND     Included     -
BACTERIA EXTRACTION     99.99% after 2 secs 99.99% after 10 secs     98.35% after 2 secs 99.99% after 10 secs
POLLEN EXTRACTION     99.8% after 1 min     97.8% after 4 mins
HOUSE DUST EXTRACTION     Over 90% in 3 mins     Over 80% in 5 mins

All RAYCOP products can now be purchased via the company’s online shop, shipping directly to consumers’ homes.

Prior to shipping, all RAYCOP products undergo rigorous durability testing to ensure overall effectiveness and customer satisfaction.


Founded in 2005, RAYCOP is a leading consumer health product manufacturer focused on improving consumers’ quality of life with innovative products that help people breathe and sleep easier.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, RAYCOP has more than 500 employees and is the top-selling home surface cleaner in Japan with over 75% market share and more than 4 million units sold to date. In 2016, RAYCOP strengthened its global presence with the addition of a North American headquarters in Pleasanton, CA. The company currently holds offices in Seoul, South Korea and Shanghai, China, and has distribution agents covering the Asian and European markets in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland.

Visit RAYCOP online at www.raycop.com


Double Forte for RAYCOP
Sarah McDonough, 415-500-0627


Double Forte for RAYCOP
Sarah McDonough, 415-500-0627