Return Path Empowers Marketers to Diagnose and Solve Email Deliverability Issues

New Deliverability Wizard provides step-by-step guidance to help marketers pinpoint the source of deliverability problems and take appropriate steps to resolve them.

The Deliverability Wizard is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Users are alerted to deliverability issues through a pop-up notification. (Graphic: Return Path)

NEW YORK--()--Global data solutions provider Return Path today introduced the next generation of its Email Optimization Platform, which gives marketers new levels of insight to manage their deliverability and improve email campaign performance. Features of this release include a Mission Control dashboard, ESP Connect, and the groundbreaking new Deliverability Wizard.

With the new Mission Control dashboard, marketers get at-a-glance insights on how their campaigns are performing, allowing them to quickly view and act on the most critical issues. ESP Connect gives marketers a holistic view of their email marketing results by importing data from their email service provider directly into Return Path’s Email Optimization platform.

The centerpiece of this release, the Deliverability Wizard, is an innovative solution that notifies marketers about deliverability problems and guides them through resolution. More than just a simple alerting system, the wizard uses highly sophisticated data science and modeling to identify deliverability problems as they’re happening, analyze the root cause, and pinpoint specific steps to resolve the issue.

Deliverability issues damage a marketer’s ability to hit the inbox and ultimately drive revenue. Any number of factors can lead to deliverability problems, from list hygiene and sending practices to blacklisting and spam complaints. But marketers often don’t realize they’re having deliverability issues with one or more mailbox providers, and that lack of visibility can mean the difference between success and failure of an email campaign.

“Recognizing a deliverability issue is important, but solving the issue is critical—and it’s not always obvious where to start,” said Miranda Reeves, Return Path’s VP of Solutions Management. “Our new Deliverability Wizard puts marketers in the driver’s seat and provides customized advice to improve deliverability.”

The Deliverability Wizard is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Users are alerted to deliverability issues through a pop-up notification.

The wizard then guides users through a series of questions to validate the problem source and identify the most likely solutions.

Finally, the wizard suggests customized, step-by-step tasks to resolve the issue, as well as resources for additional learning. The wizard actually “learns” over time, based on user feedback, to deliver the most relevant, accurate advice.

“In order to be effective, marketers must be able to easily understand how their campaigns are performing, then quickly take action to resolve their most critical issues,” said Reeves. “With these new product innovations, we’re working to ensure that marketers have the data, recommendations, and resources they need to ensure email success.”

To learn more about the new Email Optimization platform and other exciting news from Return Path, visit our Product Innovation page.

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