Outlier Security Unveils Breakthrough Endpoint Security Platform for Faster Detection and Incident Response to Cybersecurity Attacks

GLENBROOK, Nev.--()--Outlier Security, Inc. a pioneer and market leader in agentless Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) security, today announced Outlier 2.12, the first agentless EDR solution to provide expanded, on-demand digital artifacts and file collection for faster detection and incident response.

“Endpoint security has never been more critical in protecting against today’s cyberthreats. Yet the time and cost associated with deploying agents has slowed down adoption of this important technology by both large and small corporations. With agentless Outlier 2.12, companies can now detect and mitigate latest cyberattacks faster and more easily than ever before. Now available as both a cloud-based and an on-premise solution, Outlier 2.12 will accelerate the use of endpoint security in new markets as well as by managed security service providers,” said Greg Hoglund, CEO, Outlier Security.

The Outlier Security Analytics platform automatically collects key metadata associated with the artifacts, endpoints, processes, memory modules, files, registry, auto runs, user accounts, logon events, prefetch, binary files and strings. With the expanded collection capability in Outlier 2.12, users now can target specific infected machines to get additional forensic artifacts such as the master file table, registry hive, security logs, application logs and system logs for deeper analysis by security analysts, hunt teams and incident responders. Outlier automates the work normally done by a Tier 1 analyst, which saves money and reduces response times.

Outlier 2.12: What’s New

Outlier 2.12 includes a number of new features including:

  • Expanded on-demand digital artifact collection: Used for deeper investigation of machines suspected to be infected or controlled by cyberadversaries.
  • On-premise deployment: In addition to accessing Outlier 2.12 via its cloud-based portal, or a shared cloud, customers have the option to purchase an on-premise version of the platform.
  • Scan a host on-demand via API: If a network sensor identifies or a SIEM alerts on malicious traffic going to or from a computer, the computer can be scanned automatically to determine if the computer is infected or not. This type of functionality allows security teams to quickly and automatically determine a true positive event.
  • Bulk IOC scanning via API: Users can now import long lists of IOCs to query against their enterprise. This feature operationalizes threat intelligence in an agentless manner, thereby eliminating the heavy processing on an endpoint.
  • Worldmap dashboard with GeoIP: A new graphical view showing locations around the world where threats are coming from.

Outlier: How It Works

Critical breach evidence is often found only at the endpoint. Cyberattackers and their malware tools must interact with endpoint systems to survive and function. This, in turn, leaves a splash pattern of evidence recorded on the endpoint that can be detected in near real-time by Outlier Security’s EDR scanning system.

The Outlier Platform detects evidence of known threats, but it goes much farther. It identifies “outliers” and anomalous behaviors on endpoints in order to uncover new and unknown malware, zero-day threats, APTs, targeted attacks, polymorphic malware, lateral movement, hacker behaviors, system misuse and other advanced threats.

Pricing & Availability

The Outlier 2.12 is available now. To get information on pricing and schedule a demo, please contact info@outliersecurity.com or 1-775-589-2150 ext. 1.

About Outlier Security

Outlier Security offers an automated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) system that speeds up the detection and analysis of new and advanced threats, without agents or complex management. The Outlier system provides comprehensive endpoint threat monitoring, alerting and analysis. The system is agentless and delivered as Software-as-a-Service, resulting in faster deployment and lower cost of ownership than agent-based products. Outlier Security is led by Greg Hoglund, a pioneering researcher, author and business leader in the cybersecurity industry. Founded in 2013, Outlier Security is privately held and headquartered in Glenbrook, NV. For more information, visit us online at https://www.outliersecurity.comLinkedIn and Twitter.


Outlier Security, Inc.
Karen Burke

Release Summary

Outlier Security unveils Outlier 2.12, the first agentless Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) security solution to provide expanded, on-demand digital artifacts and file collection.


Outlier Security, Inc.
Karen Burke