Paramount Defenses Declassifies World's Top Cyber Security Risk Concerning Microsoft Active Directory

Paramount Defenses, the world’s #1 Cyber Security company in the mission-critical privileged access user audit space, declassified the world’s top cyber security risk concerning Microsoft Active Directory earlier today.

Hacker Targeting Privileged Access in Microsoft Active Directory. (Photo: Paramount Defenses)

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--()--Paramount Defenses, one of the world’s top cyber security companies, led by former Microsoft Program Manager for Active Directory Security, declassified the world’s top cyber security risk concerning Microsoft Active Directory earlier today.

Microsoft Active Directory is the foundation of cyber security at 85% of business and government organizations worldwide, as well as the core of privileged access and power worldwide.

Active Directory privileged users hold the proverbial “Keys to the Kingdom,” and historically, 100% of all major recent cyber security breaches, including Snowden, Target, JP Morgan, Sony, Anthem and most recently the OPM Data Breach, involved the compromise and misuse of a single Active Directory privileged user account.

Earlier today, the company declassified the Paramount Brief which documents the world’s top cyber security risk, involving the alarming presence of an excessively large and unknown number of users that possess both unrestricted as well as delegated privileged access within the foundational Active Directory deployments of most organizations worldwide.

In summary, today there likely exist millions of privilege escalation paths leading to highly prized privileged access users accounts and security groups across Microsoft Active Directory deployments worldwide, because organizations are unable to determine effective privileged access in their Active Directory deployments, due to the lack of an accurate and efficient effective privileged access audit capability in Active Directory.

Consequently, today, in all likelihood, in most organizations worldwide, with the right tools, any insider, or any outsider, such as an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) who could compromise an insider’s account, or anyone with access to any computer joined to Active Directory, could identify and potentially exploit a possibly large number of unauthorized effective privileged access grants in Active Directory to substantially and possibly systemically compromise the security of the organization.

This cyber security risk potentially poses a clear and present cyber security danger to most organizations worldwide and it should be a serious cause of concern for all stakeholders, including executive management, employees, customers, partners and shareholders of organizations worldwide.

Over the past few weeks, the company had shared an advance copy of the Paramount Brief with the leadership of the world’s top organizations, both in the private sector as well as in government.

Last week, the company had also shared an advanced copy of the Paramount Brief with the leadership of the world’s top cyber security companies as they too may be vulnerable to the cyber security risk documented in the Paramount Brief. Many of these cyber security companies are Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors of the currently ongoing RSA Conference 2016.

Privileged access is the new holy grail for malicious perpetrators, and Active Directory privileged access user accounts are likely target #1. Consequently, the ability to be able to precisely and swiftly identify, minimize and adequately protect all privileged access users in Microsoft Active Directory deployments has become paramount to cyber security today,” said Sanjay Tandon, Chief Executive Officer of Paramount Defenses.

This cyber security risk can be completely and reliably mitigated by performing an effective privileged access audit which is an elemental cyber security risk assessment measure that organizations can enact to identify exactly how many individuals effectively possess privileged access ("Keys to the Kingdom") in their foundational Active Directory, who they are and what level of access they possess today.

The Paramount Brief can be accessed at the following url, and the password is AreWeReallySecure? –

About Paramount Defenses

Founded in 2006, Paramount Defenses is a low-profile, high-value, high-impact privately-held cyber security company. Its high-value, innovative, patented cyber security solutions uniquely empower organizations worldwide to precisely audit, identify and minimize the number of privileged access users in their foundational Microsoft Active Directory environments.

Its global customer base spans six continents worldwide and includes many of the world’s most prominent organizations including the United States Government, numerous Fortune 100 companies, financial institutions, defense contractors, Internet, software and technology companies, oil and gas companies, and other organizations worldwide.

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Release Summary

Paramount Defenses, one of the world's top cyber security companies declassifies the Paramount Brief, which documents the world's top cyber security risk, impacting Microsoft Active Directory.


Paramount Defenses Inc
Jacqueline Williams, 949-468-5770