USPTO Allows FreeLinc Four More NFMI Patents

BOSTON--()--FreeLinc Technologies Inc., the world’s leader in Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) Intellectual Property and solutions, has announced they were issued and/or allowed four additional patents protecting their NFMI technology:

  • US Patent No. 8,929,809 - Multi-Mode Magnetic Induction Communication (M3IC) - Hardware Diversity.
  • US Patent No. US20120220227A1 - System and method for communicating between near field communication devices within a target region.
  • US Patent No. 8,880,100 - Proximity Based Social Networking and Proximity Detection and Communication.
  • US Patent No. US20120289153A1 - Proximity Based Content - Techniques for Wireless Communication of Proximity Based Content.

These new awards further strengthen FreeLinc’s position, adding to what is already the world’s largest single portfolio of NFMI patents.

“NFMI will fundamentally change the way we connect to the devices and things around us, and will soon become an essential building block for the Internet of Things,” said Dr. Mike Abrams, FreeLinc’s CEO.

US Patent No. 8,929,809 protects FreeLinc's ability to combine NFMI and NFC on a single chipset, allowing FreeLinc to leverage the existing NFC infrastructure while simultaneously providing the advanced capabilities of NFMI.

US Patent No. US20120220227A1 protects the ability of unpowered devices to communicate with each other by passively modulating the target field. This capability is important, for example, with medical devices that may be implanted for decades at a time without batteries.

US Patent No. 8,880,100 refers to the social networking that can occur when one NFMI device enters the proximity boundary of another. This would allow adjacent soldiers to communicate in a high-noise environment, such as the back of an Armored Personnel Carrier.

US Patent No. US20120289153A1 refers to the exchange of data when one NFMI device enters the proximity boundary of another. This is the fundamental principle behind proximity based marketing using NFMI.

About FreeLinc Technologies Inc.

FreeLinc Technologies Inc. is a research and development company leading the world in the commercialization and adoption of NFMI as a new global wireless standard. With an extensive patent portfolio, proven products, and a licensing strategy designed to encourage adoption, FreeLinc leads the world in NFMI.


Cassandra Darley, 435-760-8793


Cassandra Darley, 435-760-8793