Synesthesia Announces Mandala Drum V3 System Crowdfunding Launch – New Hardware, Software and MDA Instrument Files Surpass All That Have Gone Before

The Benefits of Acoustic Drums in an Electronic Drum System with 40x Higher Resolution than the Next Best eDrum at a Fraction of the Cost. With the V3 System, It’s About Playing.

LAUREL CANYON, Calif.--()--Life is about to get a whole lot better for drummers, as Synesthesia Corporation ( today announced the Mandala™ Drum V3 System - a new platform-based version of its globally popular, patented high resolution drum, co-developed with professional drummer Danny Carey of the rock band Tool.

The V3 System is a high performance percussion instrument that seamlessly integrates hardware, software and newly innovated MDA sound files. Mandala Drum has created an intuitive system in the V3 that makes massive libraries of percussive sounds and instruments accessible with the click of a mouse.

Mandala Drum hardware embodies a patented membrane switch that detects the position and velocity of any touch on the surface or the rim with no false triggers, ever. The Mandala Virtual Brain (VB) software now comes as a standalone and a plugin making the V3 System a full instrument in your recording and performance arsenal. Perhaps the greatest manifestation of the Mandala technology is the new MDA file format that wraps up to thousands of strike position, velocity and round robin sound samples into one file creating the most accurately detailed emulation of any acoustic drum or instrument.

"The Mandala Drum V3 System offers the versatility that modern drummers need to fuel their growth as creators and performers. We continue to strive toward being on the forefront of drum sounds, feel, speed, reliability, portability and ease of use. This System is the drum of the future. It brings together the sound and dynamic range of acoustic drums with the utility, volume control and variety of electronic drums. It works well for drummers, composers, DJs and producers as an instrument on its own or as an addition to any acoustic drum kit. With V3 System, it’s about playing.”

The Mandala Drum V3 System will have a starting price of $499 for a pad with hardware module and software and $199 for each additional pad, and will launch a funding campaign in November, 2015, with shipping expected in the second quarter of 2016.

Other key features:

  • The Mandala hardware module accepts up to seven Mandala pads, two eKick pedals, one eHat pedal and one expression pedal. Outputs include USB and 5-pin MIDI.
  • The accompanying VB software lets players synthesize a host of new sounds and expand their sample library at will. As a plugin the VB software is compatible with third party software such as Ableton Live, Logic, ProTools, Cubase, Digital Performer and MainStage.
  • The new MDA is a file format created by Mandala Drum and is the real ghost in the machine. A single MDA file contains from one to many thousands of samples of any drum with millimeter accurate recorded strikes from the center to the edge, differing velocities, and round robins. Drag and drop MDA’s to assign them to individual Mandala pads, and expand your library using the online MDA store.

Mandala Drum launches its funding campaign on in November, 2015. Go to: to view the campaign.

Drummer Meets Physicist

Inventor Vince De Franco developed the Mandala with drummer Danny Carey from the band Tool. Carey uses seven Mandalas every night on stage because, he said, “It's the only way I can trigger and control all the sounds I want to play. What Vince created is still the most advanced electronic drum I've ever played.” Carey uses seven Mandalas to trigger many of the sounds on the band's live and recorded songs.

To see Mandala Drums in action, visit:

Synesthesia Corporation ( is exploring new sonic terrain with the Mandala™, its patented high-res drum - the only electronic drum that faithfully emulates an acoustic drum sound, and then transcends it. The company develops state-of-the-art electronic sensor technology used to create products that inspire imagination and exploration. Based in Laurel Canyon, CA.


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Mandala Drum Crowdfund Electronic drum Instrument file Launch


Synesthesia Corporation
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