OmniPhy Announces Automotive Ethernet Silicon IP

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--OmniPhy, the leading supplier of Ethernet PHY intellectual property (IP) for the consumer, automotive, and industrial markets today announced the availability of a silicon-proven automotive Ethernet PHY on an advanced process technology node. The design implements the automotive Ethernet 100Base-T1 standard spearheaded by the I.E.E.E. through 802.3 initiatives. OmnPhy is the first to offer truly automotive Ethernet PHY’s in the increasingly popular licensing format.

A Sea-Change in Automotive

Automobiles are undergoing the biggest disruption in the past one hundred years, with a push towards autonomous driving capabilities that are poised to revolutionize our lives. Autonomous cars and features require a serious increase in internal connectivity and Ethernet is best-equipped to provide this network backbone. Automotive Ethernet retains the reliability and robustness of standard commercial Ethernet, but has significant optimizations for the automotive application to enable high speed and data bandwidth, weight reduction, and cost efficiency.

"Auto makers are already adopting Ethernet in production vehicles. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Infotainment will be strong growth drivers for automotive Ethernet demand," said Ian Riches, VP of Strategy Analytics' Automotive Practice. "By 2022, we expect around 250 million Ethernet nodes to be installed annually in global car and light truck production."

The OmniPhy IP especially emphasizes unique power saving and reliability diagnostic modes which are critical for the automotive application. OmniPhy’s approach allows proliferation and integration of qualified Ethernet PHY technology directly into the sensors, radars, and camera IC’s. “Customers are extremely excited about the exponential changes and opportunities ahead in the automotive market and are reacting quickly to position themselves for the future,” said Ritesh Saraf, CEO of OmniPhy.

To date, OmniPhy has shipped an estimated 34 million Ethernet PHY’s through its silicon suppliers, becoming the standard in the “PHY as IP” market, and the automotive offering will drive the figure considerably higher.

Design Highlights

Here are some highlights of this design:

  • Compliant to IEEE 802.3 100Base-T1 standard
  • MII / RMII / RGMII Interface
  • Customized power-saving modes that minimize standby power and enhance battery life
  • Unique diagnostics, leveraging industrial PHY features into automotive
  • Undergoing the full automotive qualification process
  • Automotive grade ESD and EMC, with post-silicon design hooks to further reduce EMI

By developing silicon intellectual property purpose-built for automotive applications, OmniPhy has become a driving force in the industry, rapidly enabling new technology and reducing risk and design times for silicon suppliers. The company allows partners to differentiate themselves and create unique offerings using the silicon-proven base. By integrating the PHY function, the total solutions have lower area, power, and cost.

About OmniPhy

Omniphy is an American Mixed-signal Semiconductor IP company based in San Jose, California, with satellite offices across the world. The company specializes in intellectual property and develops high-performance Ethernet PHY’s and SerDes interfaces for the Automotive, Industrial, Consumer, and Networking markets. For more information visit or contact


Dr. Claude Gauthier, 1-408-300-9050 x101

Release Summary

OmniPhy, the #1 supplier of Ethernet PHY intellectual property for the consumer, automotive, and industrial markets announces the availability of a silicon-proven automotive Ethernet 100Base-T1 PHY.


Dr. Claude Gauthier, 1-408-300-9050 x101