Nanobiosym's Gene-RADAR® Unveiled as the ‘Next Frontier’ in Healthcare Technology at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

Nanobiosym Chairman and CEO, the XPRIZE Winning Dr. Anita Goel, MD, Ph.D, Introduces Gene-RADAR® as the World‘s First ‘Tricorder’ To Stop Ebola and Other Global Pandemics

Nanobiosym Chairman and CEO Dr. Anita Goel announced a Commitment to Action at the Clinton Global Initiative (Photo: Business Wire).

NEW YORK--()--Today at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting’s “Looking to the Next Frontier” Plenary Session with Sir Richard Branson and Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dr. Anita Goel announced Nanobiosym’s commitment to deploy Gene-RADAR® in Africa to stop Ebola and other infectious outbreaks.

Gene-RADAR® harnesses over 20 years of research at the frontier of nanobiophysics to enable the world’s first, mobile, Tricorder device that enables gold standard real-time diagnosis of any disease with a genetic fingerprint; at a cost at least 10 times cheaper than any comparable diagnostic tests on the market today.

“The Ebola global crisis was a teachable moment for just how interconnected we all are and indeed just how vulnerable our planet is to pandemic threats,” said Dr. Goel. “What Google did for access to information, and the iPhone did for telecommunications, we at Nanobiosym are doing for healthcare. We are decentralizing, personalizing, and mobilizing the next generation of healthcare. Our Gene-RADAR literally puts Your Health in Your Hands™.”

Dr. Pardis Sabeti, an infectious disease genomics expert from the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA, remarked, "Gene-RADAR®, with its ease of use and highly quantitative results, represents the next generation of clinical diagnostics. Once Gene-RADAR® has been widely deployed, outbreaks like Ebola could be stopped well before they become global pandemics."

Dr. Goel further explained: “Our commitment to stop Ebola in West Africa is the first step to building a democratized digital healthcare system, powered by Gene-RADAR®, that fundamentally transforms the way health care is delivered globally. It is a big vision for the future and a great testament to President Clinton’s legacy that this nanotechnology healthcare revolution is unfolding here at CGI.”

About Nanobiosym
Nanobiosym Diagnostics (NBSDx) is commercializing Gene-RADAR® to bring real-time mobilized diagnosis of global health infectious diseases to the nearly four billion people today who have no access to centralized diagnostics labs. By providing next-gen tools that decentralize, personalize, and mobilize the delivery of healthcare, NBSDx empowers each person to take ownership over their own health. Gene-RADAR® delivers gold standard accuracy and does not require running water, constant electricity, or highly-trained personnel. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @Nanobiosym.

About Dr. Anita Goel, MD, Ph.D
Dr. Anita Goel MD, Ph.D is Chairman and CEO of Nanobiosym Diagnostics. She is a world-renowned nanotechnology expert and global entrepreneur. A Stanford-Harvard-MIT trained physicist-physician and inventor, she was named by MIT’s Technology Review "World’s Top 35 Science and Technology Innovators" and by Scientific American "World’s Most Influential Visionaries in Biotech." She won the first XPRIZE for healthcare and the Galactic Challenge Award for her Gene-RADAR®: the world’s first mobile tricorder device that can diagnose any disease at point-of-care with gold standard accuracy. Dr. Goel drives Nanobiosym Diagnostics product strategy, R&D, manufacturing scale-up, and commercialization of its disruptive Gene-RADAR® platform into global markets. Her mission is to bring world class healthcare to over 4 billion people who lack access to centralized diagnostics. She has forged landmark public-private partnerships with governments and has built a global ecosystem of world experts and business leaders who are partnering with her in this mission.

About Gene-RADAR®- Winner of the First X Prize in Healthcare

About the Clinton Global Initiative
Established in 2005 by President Bill Clinton, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), an initiative of the Clinton Foundation, convenes global leaders to create and implement solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. CGI Annual Meetings have brought together 190 sitting and former heads of state, more than 20 Nobel Prize laureates, and hundreds of leading CEOs, heads of foundations and NGOs, major philanthropists, and members of the media. To date, members of the CGI community have made more than 3,200 Commitments to Action, which have improved the lives of over 430 million people in more than 180 countries.

In addition to the Annual Meeting, CGI convenes CGI America, a meeting focused on collaborative solutions to economic recovery in the United States; and CGI University (CGI U), which brings together undergraduate and graduate students to address pressing challenges in their community or around the world. This year, CGI also convened CGI Middle East & Africa, which brought together leaders across sectors to take action on pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges.

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Gene-RADAR® Unveiled as the ‘Next Frontier’ in Healthcare Technology at The Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting.


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