Azuqua Automates Workflow Within and Between SaaS Applications

Azuqua Fall Release empowers SaaS users to automate business-critical processes

The visual designer in the Azuqua Fall Release enables cloud applications to be connected in minutes. (Graphic: Business Wire)

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Addressing a major pain point for software-as-a-service (SaaS) users and administrators, Azuqua ( today announced the availability of a breakthrough solution for connecting cloud applications and automating business-critical workflow. With the Azuqua Fall Release, business users can now define and automate custom business rules between SaaS applications without coding or having to provision and manage infrastructure. Further, with consumption-based pricing starting at $250 per month, Azuqua is slashing the cost of integration and workflow by an order of magnitude.

The hundreds of SaaS applications in every company has created a business challenge. To remain responsive to customers, SaaS users of marketing, sales, support, and customer success applications have a growing need to automate business-critical workflow between cloud applications, such as:

  • Triggering a hand-off from a closed sales opportunity in Salesforce to the support team in Intercom and professional services team in Workfront.
  • Monitoring Twitter for posts by customers, analyzing for sentiment, notifying the right account manager via Slack, and updating their health score in Gainsight.
  • Enriching lead data from web registration forms with data from FullContact and inserting into Marketo.

Existing options do not address the challenge. Pre-packaged integrations in SaaS marketplaces cannot be extended to solve custom workflow requirements. Traditional integration platforms are expensive to purchase, and complicated to implement and modify. And, simple if-this-then-that solutions do not allow business-critical workflow logic to be automated.

“NewWave Communications strives to deliver a reliable, seamless experience when customers purchase products and services. We needed to use customer order data in Salesforce to create and configure the right tasks in Workfront and then update actual costs back to Salesforce as tasks are completed,” said Travis Marlow, vice president of Network Operations and Development. “The Azuqua Fall Release makes it simple and affordable to connect cloud applications and automate business-critical workflow.”

Azuqua Changes the Paradigm

Addressing the shortcomings of existing approaches and empowering SaaS users, Azuqua now offers a simple and cost-effective approach to business-critical integration and workflow. New and enhanced capabilities allow users to easily create, view, monitor, and report on workflows and include the following features:

  • Workflow Designer with Conditional Branching – The easy-to-use visual designer expands the automation scenarios that can be defined with the addition of conditional branching.
  • Workflow Execution Inspector – Data at each step in a workflow can be examined simplifying design, error-handling, and retry.
  • Workflow Execution Monitoring – A log of all executions and reports summarizes usage and ensures workflows are always working.
  • Workflow Permissions and Organization – Workflows can be arranged by process, team, or any custom classification. Permissions ensure safe and secure collaboration on workflows by defining the individuals who can edit, view, or run them.

“The ability to use SaaS application APIs in workflows has become a fundamental business requirement, but the lack of easily customizable and affordable solutions only adds to the integration headache for many customers,” said Jeffrey M. Kaplan, managing director of THINKstrategies. “Azuqua is improving the way automations are developed and deployed, while significantly reducing the cost and improving the customer experience.”

To learn more about the Azuqua Fall Release, visit Azuqua is also presenting at Integrate 2015. Please attend our sessions, and visit us at Booth #109.

About Azuqua

Azuqua lets SaaS users connect cloud applications, automate business-critical workflows, and take control of the customer experience. Azuqua’s integration platform-as-a-service eliminates the coding and infrastructure management of traditional ESB platforms and provides consumption-based pricing. Using Azuqua’s intuitive, drag-and-drop visual designer, anyone can design and deploy their own custom business workflows between SaaS applications in minutes. Based in Seattle, Azuqua is a venture-backed software-as-a-service provider, 2015 Gartner Cool Vendor in Business Process Management, and a graduate of the TechStars program. Sign up for a free trial at and follow Azuqua on Twitter (@azuqua).


Samara Villasenor, 206-478-5643

Release Summary

With the Azuqua Fall Release, business users can define and automate custom business rules between SaaS applications without coding or having to provision and manage infrastructure.


Samara Villasenor, 206-478-5643