Nitro Chimp is Back and Faster Than Ever in Super Nitro Chimp

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Watch Super Nitro Chimp, the fastest chimp in the world, riding the coolest motorcycles!

SAN DIEGO--()--Built Games, in partnership with C2 Game Studio, announced today they are bringing the spiritual sequel to Nitro Chimp, to iOS and Android. Super Nitro Chimp takes C2’s beloved endless racer to the next level, delivering high-octane, combat kart-style racing with the casual controls of an endless runner. Race against the animal kingdom, performing stunts and smashing competitors to win first place and beyond!

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After becoming the Endless Racer World Champion, Nitro was treating himself to a tropical getaway when he becomes shipwrecked on a mysterious island where extreme racing is the rule. Rev up and burn rubber racing against a colorful group of characters through beautiful locations on awesome motorcycles!


  • ONE FINGER RACING: Swipe left and right to speedily switch between lanes to hit the right race lines
  • BOOST TO WIN: Rocket through races with nitro packs, chilies, and even super chilies (oh yes!)
  • GIANT STUNTS: Chain together the biggest and most radical stunts to win with style
  • BUMPIN’ COMBAT: Smash through your opponents with bumps, shunts, and collisions to get the winning edge
  • KILLER ITEMS: Blast across desert flats with nitro boosts, shoot down opponents in the air with homing missiles, drop a bomb to block a slim path, and more
  • 5 GAMEPLAY MODES: Race against speedy animals in a Speed Cup, score the biggest points in a Style Cup, beat the clock in Time Attack, battle one-on-one against fierce competitors in a VS Cup, and test your endurance in epic Tournaments
  • ANYTIME MULTIPLAYER: Pickup and play against your virtual friends anytime with AI modified by their play patterns
  • OFFLINE PLAY: Yep! No persistent connection required, turn it on airplane mode and race until the sun comes down and up
  • GEAR UP WITH COOL THREADS: Choose from hundreds of different combinations of suits, helmets, and other awesome gear to add that personal flair
  • NEVER LOSE PROGRESS: Connect to Facebook to sync progress and continue where you left off on any supported device


Great ready for Ezra, the Hipster T-rex, in the Cyber Dino Jungle update!


Super Nitro Chimp is currently available on iOS in select territories and will be available worldwide later this year.

About Built Games

Built Games is a video game publisher based in sunny San Diego, California, founded in December 2014 by former EA/Zynga GM Mike Pagano. Built is dedicated to creating and publishing outrageously fun and sometimes quirky mobile games.

About C2 Game Studio

C2 Game Studio specializes in fun, high-quality games tailored for mobile devices giving equal focus to gameplay, art, and music. They are passionate gamers and developers located in beautiful Medellin, Colombia, founded in 2008 by ex-Midway engineer Luis Correa. C2 is responsible for multiple worldwide featured games such as Nitro Chimp and Cowboy Guns.

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Built Games
Mike Pagano, 310-564-6318

Release Summary

Built Games in partnership with C2 Game Studio announces the mobile game Super Nitro Chimp where monkeys race motorcycles - who could want more?


Built Games
Mike Pagano, 310-564-6318