On Sep. 1, "Hiroshima Cat's Street View, Onomichi Part" Will Be Released
The World's First Tour in Which You Can Explore a Town, Guided Through the Eyes of a Cat

HIROSHIMA, Japan--()--Hiroshima Prefecture will release “Hiroshima cat’s street view, Onomichi part”. For the first time in the world, see through the eyes of a cat, from Tuesday September 1, 2015 on the special website http://hiroshima-welcome.jp/kanpai/catstreetview.

This is being carried out as part of “Kanpai! (Cheers) Hiroshima – Look! – Eat! – Drink!”, a tourism promotion campaign which was developed in June 2015. You can enjoy and experience the hidden charms of the backstreets and the scenery of Hiroshima from the perspective of cats which know them well.

The content of the first production consists of fascinating and adorably cute cats living in Onomichi. The production is also full of information on Onomichi, a town of slopes famous for its cats.


Outline of Street View

Name   :   Hiroshima CAT STREET VIEW (Cat street view) Onomichi Part
Starting day : First, at precisely noon on Tuesday September 1, 2015, the shopping mall area and the cats’ lane area will be disclosed. Then, at precisely noon on Thursday October 1, the Kubo area and the Misode Tenmangu area will also be disclosed.
Area : 4 areas in Onomichi city, Hiroshima Prefecture
(Shopping mall area, cats’ lane area, Kubo area and Misode Tenmangu area)
Function : Additional information can be viewed by clicking on 4 pop-up icons.
(Introduction of 11 well-known cats, Introduction of 28 shops, Introduction of 7 pieces of scenery, and Introduction of 7 motion pictures)
Fee : Free


See below for a video link introducing the website


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Hiroshima tourism promotion campaign
Han Sunghun, +81-3-5572-6071


Hiroshima tourism promotion campaign
Han Sunghun, +81-3-5572-6071