Ravello and SimSpace Pioneer On-Demand Cyber Ranges that Run on AWS and Google Cloud

New technology uses public cloud to make state-of-the-art cybersecurity training, testing and development accessible and affordable for enterprise CIOs and security teams

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--Ravello Systems, the world’s leading nested virtualization company, and SimSpace, the specialists in cybersecurity, today announced a new offering to enable next-generation cyber assessments, training and testing. The SimSpace Virtual Clone Network (VCN) represents an industry first because it uses capacity from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud to provide full featured pre-configured cyber ranges, that are deployed on-demand in isolated environments – all made possible by Ravello Systems’ overlay cloud service.

Cyber ranges are virtual environments that serve as simulated threat environments, and are used for cybersecurity training and cybertechnology development. They strengthen the stability, security and responsiveness of enterprise IT systems. SimSpace’s predefined or tailored networks range in scale from tens of nodes to hundreds of network machines, and are representative of a variety of organizations: enterprises, the defense industrial base, financial institutions, utilities or military networks.

The virtual clone networks are all self-contained -– isolated from the Internet – to prevent any accidental spillage or inadvertent attacks on real-world sites. Enterprises can automatically spin up the environment of their choosing on the public cloud, for just the amount of time that they need it. CIOs no longer need a dedicated staff to build, operate, and maintain custom, in-house, and often separate, security development, test and cyber training environments. Instead, they can focus their security teams and resources on what they need most: being prepared to be effective against the threat.

SimSpace taps into its decades of experience with U.S. military to bring sophisticated cybersecurity to enterprise CIOs

SimSpace’s VCN technology automates the provisioning of realistic environments, adversary attack campaigns and training and assessment tools for an organization’s cybersecurity developmental, testing and training requirements. SimSpace’s VCN was developed after a decade of experience with the U.S. military, providing high-fidelity virtual environments for the Department of Defense testing and training communities.

SimSpace VCN – currently available for beta access – can be used for test and development environments to create next-generation cybersecurity solutions; risk reduction for the introduction of new cybersecurity solutions into production environments; hypotheses testing for real-time responses to cyber incidents; and comparative analysis of existing or new cybersecurity solutions against competing alternatives, among other use cases.

Ravello HVX enables SimSpace’s unique approach of cloning massive enterprise networks in the public cloud for simulating cyber attacks

The advent of high-fidelity, stable SimSpace Virtual Clone Networks has transformative implications for cybersecurity. By utilizing the organization’s cloned network rather than the actual network, the SimSpace offering provides a more accurate assessment of the network environment without impacting the functioning network. Moreover, when training on a VCN, the SimSpace approach improves the cybersecurity team’s responses to sophisticated, multi-stage, multi-tiered cyber attacks.

“SimSpace’s VCN is a vivid example of the power of Ravello’s technology, which eliminates the need for enterprises to wait for hardware, invest in setting up complex environments or take on the added risk of simulating security attacks in their own data centers,” said Rami Tamir, co-founder and CEO of Ravello Systems. “SimSpace is filling a critical need by helping organizations defend and fight against cyber attacks - one of the biggest threats in the world today - and they are leveraging the elasticity and speed of the public cloud, thanks to Ravello’s technology.”

“Ravello's unique and powerful nested virtualization technology allows us to provide a solution to our customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional data center implementations, as well as integrate open-source and commercial defensive and offensive tools into a SimSpace VCN. We are proud to be bringing a cutting-edge offering to the market that delivers fully featured cyber ranges on-demand, to meet the needs in today’s cyber threat landscape,” said Lee Rossey, CTO and co-founder, SimSpace.

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About Ravello Systems

Ravello Systems is the industry’s leading nested virtualization software company. The company was founded by the same team that created the KVM hypervisor, with the vision of enabling enterprises to use leading public clouds as a true extension of their data center. Ravello enables enterprises to spin up complex application environments in any cloud on demand.

About SimSpace

SimSpace was initially formed by cyber-security experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory (MIT LL), the Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab (JHU/APL), and the U.S. Military. Members of the SimSpace team have spent much of the last decade focused on improving the ability to rapidly build large-scale, high-fidelity, and stable network models.


Kulesa Faul for Ravello Systems
Scott Lechner, 530-521-3095


Kulesa Faul for Ravello Systems
Scott Lechner, 530-521-3095