NEC Biometric Solution Becomes First to Provide FBI Rap Back Functionality

Integra ID® 5 Biometric Identification Solution and Cloud Platform Allows Agencies to Utilize FBI’s New Services

IRVING, Texas--()--NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading technology integrator of advanced IT, networking, communications, and multimodal biometric solutions, today announced that its award-winning Integra ID 5 biometric software solution has successfully interfaced with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Next Generation Identification (NGI) platform’s Rap Back service.

The Rap Back service addresses a number of identity verification scenarios on a national scale that had previously been lacking. For years, state and federal regulatory agencies have been required by law to provide fingerprint-based criminal background checks for a variety of purposes. Typical examples are firearm permits, foster care and healthcare background assurance, teacher licensing, and identity verification for many other occupations. The background check process had been limited to information available at the time of the original licensing decision. Regulatory agencies had no reliable way to monitor licensees who may have subsequently committed a crime or been arrested, essentially defaulting on the terms of the license or job requirement.

Rap Back solves this problem across all national boundaries by providing ongoing status notifications of any criminal history reported on individuals holding positions of trust. For example, as an addition to the background check process, regulatory agencies can now flag records so that Rap Back notifications are sent back for review whenever a licensed person is arrested. This major milestone in background checking nationwide became possible through the FBI CJIS Division (Criminal Justice Information Services Division) — home base to an array of services that are a lifeline to law.

The Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (part of the Utah Department of Public Safety) began production use of the services on July 1, 2015. The Rap Back service was deployed within the Western Identification Network’s (WIN) multimodal biometric system, providing access to the FBI services as well as providing a localized version of the functionality. Use of Rap Back services required the appropriate legislation at the state level. The Utah legislature passed House Bill 124 as the enabling statute.

"WIN, NEC, and Utah take great pride in adopting this new program to enhance public safety," said Alice Moffat of the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. "We are pleased that our partnership, along with the FBI, allowed us the groundbreaking opportunity to work together and successfully deploy Rap Back functionality in the state of Utah."

Rap Back is one component integrated into the NEC solution provided to WIN, which went live in 2014. The multimodal system provides facilities for fingerprint identification and facial recognition, processing more than 6,000 transactions per day.

The NEC solution is part of NEC’s Building Safer Cities platform,¹ which is a smart technology approach to maximizing all facets of installed programs. Smart technology found in NEC biometric devices and software are impacting not only public safety and forensic applications in city and government, but are being brought to a wider market through NEC’s Solutions for Society initiative which is being embraced by retail, entertainment and other industries for its customer enhancement benefits.

¹ NEC’s Safer Cities concept supports the growing safety and security vision to merge the traditional law enforcement areas of biometric-based identity management and forensic investigation with video surveillance, security access control, and disaster management.

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NEC Corporation of America
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Release Summary

NEC Corporation of America (NEC), announced its Integra ID 5 biometric software solution has interfaced to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Next Generation Identification Rap Back service


NEC Corporation of America
Frank Puglia, 214-262-3767