CloudFactory Introduces Flexible Service and Pricing Model for SpeakerText Transcription Service

New Tiered Model Lets Clients Balance Turnaround Time, Accuracy and Cost; Allows Clients to Start Without Volume Commitment

DURHAM, N.C.--()--CloudFactory today introduced a broadly revised contractual and service model for its SpeakerText video and audio transcription service, eliminating barriers to adopting SpeakerText and giving clients far more flexibility in service levels and pricing.

The new model lets clients customize the desired balance of turnaround time, accuracy level and cost for each individual piece of content. The new model also makes it easy for clients to slowly ramp up use of SpeakerText, by eliminating the requirement for long-term contracts and volume commitments in order to receive volume discounts.

SpeakerText combines human and machine intelligence to provide high-speed, high-accuracy video and audio transcription. The service splits video and audio recordings into 10-second clips and dispatches them to large groups of workers for quick transcription. SpeakerText provides captioning for media companies like ESPN, large enterprises like Deloitte and educational institutions like the University of North Carolina. The service integrates with leading video platforms such as Ooyala, Brightcove, Kaltura and YouTube.

“Our new service and pricing model makes it easy for clients to begin using SpeakerText without committing to any volume of work,” said CloudFactory Founder and CEO Mark Sears. “Clients can also now easily choose the highest service levels for their most critical content, while electing more cost-efficient service levels for less urgent work.”

SpeakerText clients can now choose their transcription turnaround time like they choose the delivery time for mailing a package: Priority Express (next business day), Standard (two business days or less) or No Rush (five business days or less). SpeakerText also now offers two levels of transcription accuracy. The Premium level offers 95% or better accuracy, while Superior includes an additional review station to enhance accuracy to 99% or better.

Introducing SpeakerText Professional

Under the new model, SpeakerText now offers transcription services in two tiers: the standard SpeakerText service, and SpeakerText Professional, an enterprise-grade “white glove” service for high-volume clients. SpeakerText Professional clients get a dedicated production manager, prioritized processing, enhanced support, and customized development work to integrate transcribed content into their own systems. The SpeakerText Pro service level is unlocked when clients spend $6,000 or transcribe at least 4,000 minutes within a 12-month period. It is also available to select new customers that are pre-qualified based on their past volume with other transcription services.

Rewards for Volume

SpeakerText has also introduced the SpeakerBucks rewards program, available to both SpeakerText and SpeakerText Professional clients. It provides credits based on monthly spending for use the following month.

About CloudFactory

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Release Summary

CloudFactory introduced a new contractual and service model for its SpeakerText video and audio transcription service, eliminating barriers to adoption and giving clients far more flexibility.


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