Narrative Science Announces Availability of Wealth Management Reporting Solution

Narrative Science and USAA present how their partnership empowers USAA to enhance its member service

CHICAGO--()--Narrative Science, the leader in advanced natural language generation for the enterprise, today announced availability of its new wealth management solution, Quill Portfolio Review. Wealth Managers are experiencing increasing pressure to offer better performance for more clients at a much faster rate and under significantly tighter compliance regulations than ever before. This new solution, powered by artificial intelligence, enables wealth management firms to bridge the gap between the millions of people who need customized financial reporting and the overwhelming amount of data analysis, interpretation and communication skills required to deliver it.

With Quill Portfolio Review, financial advisors receive actionable, custom narrative reporting about their client’s performance and allocation so they can effectively communicate with all of their clients individually. Wealth management firms and robo-advisors can create personalized investment and financial management reporting for clients that explains progress towards their financial goals in plain English language, so the communications are simple, clear and actionable.

Key solution features:

  • Client portfolio analysis for advisors, whenever they need it: provides goal-based, client portfolio performance analyses and summaries in narrative form
  • Personalized, narrative communications for every client: enables client-centric, up-to-date recommendations, on-demand and at scale
  • Immediate access to compliance-approved information: automated, standardized analysis and reporting in a compliant and consistent manner

“In the increasingly complex and dynamic wealth management market, financial advisors are struggling to deliver superior, personalized client service while also demonstrating compliance in communicating performance and advice,” said Stuart Frankel, CEO of Narrative Science. “With Quill, leading financial organizations are providing automated, fully compliant and custom communications for millions of clients that give them the power to understand investments and make decisions about their financial futures.”

Narrative Science and USAA to co-present at In|Vest Conference

To see the new wealth management reporting solutions in action, come see Narrative Science and USAA co-present “Automating Personalization” on Thursday, June 18, 2015 from 5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET at the New York Hilton Midtown in New York, NY.

Nick Beil, chief operating officer at Narrative Science, and Zack Gipson, chief innovation officer at USAA, will present how the USAA product innovation team is partnering with Narrative Science to advance and improve its member experience initiative that is bringing personalization to the digital world at scale.

“USAA has a long legacy of service, building lifelong relationships and trust, primarily through our world-class employees, but we’re seeing a shift with more customers interacting with us virtually,” said Zack Gipson, USAA’s chief innovation officer. “Narrative Science’s tools are helping us continue that legacy in how we serve members virtually. Those tools can take data and convert it into insights that our members can use to help manage their financial lives.”

About Narrative Science

Narrative Science is the leader in advanced natural language generation (Advanced NLG) for the enterprise. Powered by artificial intelligence, its Quill™ platform analyzes data from disparate sources, understands what is important to the end user and then automatically generates perfectly written narratives to convey meaning from the data for any intended consumer or business audience, at unlimited scale. Narrative Science does what data visualizations cannot: its patented technology adds value to data by identifying relevant data points and relaying them through professional, conversational language that people can immediately comprehend, trust and act on. Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries including financial services, government, manufacturing, retail and healthcare rely on machine-scale automation from Narrative Science to increase efficiency through the elimination of expensive manual narrative generation processes—freeing employees to focus on innovation and high-productivity activities—and to better serve their customers with useful written content in a consistent brand voice. Organizations such as American Century Investments, MasterCard, the U.S. intelligence community and National Health Services (NHS) of England employ Narrative Science to innovate data-driven products and services that provide customers with information that empowers them to make purchases, investments and other valuable decisions that improve their lives.

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Bhava Communications for Narrative Science
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