GEMC: First of a Kind Neurosurgery Performed at European Medical Center in Moscow

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Interview with Dr. Alexey Krivoshapkin, MD, Head of the Neurosurgery Clinic at European Medical Center (GEMC)

MOSCOW--()--Led by Professor Alexey Krivoshapkin, M.D., neurosurgeons at the Neurosurgery Clinic of European Medical Center (GEMC, in Moscow have performed a unique surgery on the skull that saved a patient's life. This was the first such operation performed on an adult in Russia. An innovative technology – CustomBone™ by Johnson & Johnson – was applied in the surgery. The implant is a complete imitation of the human bone in terms of mineral composition. The patient – an Australian citizen – is recovering and able to return to a normal quality of life.

Alexey Krivoshapkin, Director of the GEMC Neurosurgery Clinic, said: "This is a rare case in our practice. A patient suffering from a chronic disease and treated by neurologists was trying rehabilitation independently at home, and underwent a severe head injury that required complex surgery and a long stay in the ICU. A life-saving surgery – a decompressive skull trepanation with removal of bone flap – was performed. As a result of the treatment and rehabilitation the patient has fully recovered and returned to normal life and challenging intellectual work, which he was accustomed to."

An individually tailored prosthesis of bioceramic material (porous hydroxyapatite) was installed, which is not perceived by the organism as a foreign body. It promotes the growth of bone cells and furthers natural regeneration of the skull after the intervention.

International clinical studies have shown colonization of prosthetic bone cells, prosthesis ossification and subsequent natural growth and restoration of the cranium to occur in patients who have undergone a similar cranioplasty.

An issue eventually arose concerning the closing of the skull defect recovery. Additionally, the primary injury resulted in the development of a dural arteriovenous malformation and an arteriovenous fistula of the scalp (abnormal communication between the arteries and veins), which were confirmed by angiographic studies. During the surgery, the fistula of the scalp that was causing a constant tinnitus was closed, and the defect of the skull was covered with the innovative material.

The patient will be followed up by neurologists about his chronic disease with multiple MRI studies. It was essential to restore the natural bone. The implant was manufactured in precise accordance with the skull defect configurations obtained by multislice CT. Along with cosmetic effect, this presented therapeutic value.

About European Medical Center: European Medical Center (GEMC, is one of the leading and largest multidisciplinary medical clinics in Russia. For the past 25 years it has provided medical assistance in accordance with international protocols.

In 2008 GEMC was purchased for 110 million USD by entrepreneurs Igor Shilov, Leonid Shayman and Csaba Baljer, who continue to lead and innovate as GEMC co-owners and board members. GEMC has since grown to over 400 million USD in value. Baring Vostok, Russia’s leading private equity firm, is also an investor. The co-owners are considering an IPO by the year 2019.


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GEMC: First of a kind neurosurgery performed at European Medical Center in Moscow


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