KikuSema GmbH Takes Part in the Challenge – Change Today's Security Thinking - with a Multi-Instance-Mode/Split-Key-Approach

FabulaRosa and the Five New Protocols: SCRAMBLE YOUR SECRETS using a Multi-Instance-Mode and solving the clash between privacy and security

RSA Conference USA 2015

BERLIN--()--KikuSema GmbH (,, welcomes the paradigm shift towards "friendly front doors with multiple big locks" instead of backdoors. Furthermore KikuSema GmbH announces having a working solution for realizing the Split-Key Approach in its portfolio.

NSA-Director Michael Rogers has recently claimed the Split-Key-Approach in his speech at Princeton University. The launching of this initiative by that person and his country is a forward-locking message.

For five years KikuSema GmbH has dealt with the subjects:

  • Collaborate Security
    Mixture of trust, control and functioning when interests coincide
  • Multi-Instance-Authentication vs. Multi-factor-Authentication
  • Overcoming of the limitation caused by Keyhole-Security
  • Claim your Own Privacy (CYOP) guaranteed by the government
  • Absolute part: The impact of the intellectual power of human beings

The influence of KikuSema GmbH on institutions or people is much smaller than that of Admiral Roger's Agency. Consequently, it was our strategy to demonstrate our ideas in real apps and protocols in order to show that these ideas work really well.

Recently we've taken the steps:

  • Submission for Innovation Sandbox at RSA Conference 2015 in San Francisco
  • Presentation and live demo of Scrambled Secrets in December 2014 at PASSWORDS 2014 Conference in Trondheim
  • E-Mail to the White House on the occasion of Summit on Cyber Security and Consumer Protection

In decades there will be a crisis in Information and Communication Technology comparable to the banking crisis. The impact will not remain virtual. An expected loss of confidence in the Internet, apps and enterprises will be generate huge and real economic deficits. The diversification into many small "islands of trust and collaborate security" could tone down this crisis.

The core product of KikuSema GmbH is the authentication app FabulaRosa augmented by Five New Protocols. The fifth is named "Scrambled Secrets". An essential property of Scrambled Secrets is to create one or more keys using an innovative graphical interface and the extremely good memorability.

"A new kind of security a so called Multi-Instance-Mode is necessary" said Ulf Ziske, founder and developer of KikuSema GmbH and highlights: "We have to step into a world of diversity and Collaborative Security."

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  • 2014 San Francisco – Gold Winner in Golden Bridge Awards for Mobile Security Solution
  • 2013 San Francisco – Gold Winner for “Tomorrow’s Technology Today” in Info Security's Global Excellence Awards
  • 2013 London – Nominated as TOP-5-Finalists for Global Security Challenge
  • 2012 Washington D.C. - Winner of the Best Privileged Access Management Solution in GSN's Homeland Security Awards
  • 2011 Tel Aviv - Nominated as the TOP-10-European-Finalists for Global Security Challenge
  • 2010 San Francisco – Nominated for Innovation Sandbox at RSAC: Graphical Password and Protocols


KikuSema GmbH
Christine Ziske
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KikuSema GmbH
Christine Ziske
+49 170 8334890