How Timeshare Owners Can Use To Fight Back Against Fraud

CELEBRATION, Fla.--()--Fraudulent telemarketers are trying to scam timeshare owners out of hundreds of millions of dollars annually with false promises and fake buyers. Sharket, a new free resource for the timeshare industry has research that helps answer the question “What is my timeshare worth?” With Sharket, timeshare consumers have the ammunition they need to combat timeshare fraud.

How to Use Sharket When Selling a Timeshare

1. View your resort on with data on more than 1,400 resorts.

2. Look at the median price line in the Sharket sales chart - half of sales are above this price, half are below.

3. Hover over individual data points to see what Sharket knows – e.g. the week number, annual or biennial usage, etc.

4. If you want to sell in a reasonable time, price at or near Sharket’s Typical Price. For a quicker sale, price below the Typical Price.

What to Do When Fraudsters Call

If someone calls you out of the blue and offers three times to five times as much as the typical price shown on Sharket, that would be a clear warning sign the caller is not legitimate. If it sounds too good to be true and you have to pay an upfront fee, which is a sure sign of a scam - hang up the phone!

Or suppose you want to advertise your timeshare for sale. Without knowledge of actual selling prices, you can make an expensive advertising mistake (some ads cost $600 to $1000 dollars – paid in advance, of course). Actual selling prices can be thousands less than listing prices. And if you price too high, your timeshare may never sell.

Again, Sharket to the rescue. With actual sales prices, Sharket, a free consumer resource, can be your guide. To get actual resale prices of timeshares go to is a free website with an extensive database for the timeshare industry including timeshare resales transaction data for more than 1,400 resorts in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. With its unique Saleability Score and Resort Rank, Sharket is on a mission to measure, score and rank the world’s timeshare resorts based on actual sales data.

Bob Schmidt, 407-329-3470

Release Summary is a new, free consumer resource that helps timeshare owners fight fraud by arming them with actual resale prices. Answers the question, what is my timeshare worth?

Bob Schmidt, 407-329-3470